Ann Sather

Nothing compares to a quality cinnamon roll, and nobody does it better than Ann Sather on Belmont.

Ann Sather is a standard breakfast and lunch restaurant, except for two special twists. First, it’s technically an ode to Swedish cuisine, but more so in the form of serving a few Swedish staples like pancakes with lingonberries, meatballs, and potato pancakes with applesauce. Imagine the items you’d see at an Ikea cafeteria, but a bit better.

The second twist, and the more important of the two, is the cinnamon rolls. These bad boys are everything you want in a cinnamon roll and then some, and we often seek them out as diligently as humanity has searched for the Lost City beneath the sea. Keep in mind that a single order of cinnamon rolls actually includes two.

Ann Sather has the look and feel of a classic diner, and you can also BYOB for mimosas or Bloody Marys if you so wish. Aside from these two things and our favorite baked goods though, the rest of the food is so-so. The Swedish pancakes are fine, but other breakfast items like omelets, wraps, and benedicts are by no means impressive. They will help satisfy your hunger, but that’s about all.

The cinnamon rolls, however, are exceptional, and they will make for a better rest of your day.

Food Rundown

Cinnamon Roll

Fantastic, and the real reason we come to Ann Sather for meals. So good, so sweet, so divine.

Pecan Roll

A sophisticated version of the regular cinnamon roll. And by sophisticated we mean a similar great baked good covered in pecans.


Douse them in honey and you’re good to go.

Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberries

Swedish pancakes are more like French crepes, and lingonberries are basically cranberries. Imagine thin pancakes with a sweet cranberry preserve.

Breakfast Wraps

A sizeable breakfast wrap in a large tortilla. You have the options of the basics like bacon, egg, and cheese, or build your own with a number of different available ingredients. Overall, they are OK, but you probably won’t want to eat it all anyway once you power through the cinnamon rolls.

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Our preferred route in the benedict department. Again, nothing out of the ordinary, but it won’t make you mad.

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