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Juan In A Million

$$$$(512) 472-3872
Hours:SATURDAY7:00AM to 3:00PM
Perfect For:BreakfastBrunch

Juan In A Million is home to the cheapest, most bountiful Tex-Mex breakfast in town, bar none.

Around 11am on weekends, you’ll notice a scarily line long forming. It’s only open until 3pm, so fighting through that hangover to get yourself a seat is essential.

What is it that all of these people are waiting for? The biggest pile of truly tasty eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese on top of tortillas - easily the size of six breakfast tacos - for a shockingly low price, and known as The Don Juan. You could easily split The Don Juan with someone and still end your meal barely being able to walk.

Once you get inside, Juan - the jefe of this organization - will greet you with a big warm hug, a handshake, and a smile. It’s a bizarre but awesome tradition that the place has perfected. Juan hasn’t been around the past few times we’ve visited, but his son fills his shoes well. Cesar Chavez is quickly gentrifying, but this old-guard spot holds on and shows no signs of slowing. Now ready yourself for that hug.

Food Rundown

The Don Juan

This monstrosity of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese is the equivalent of at least five or six breakfast tacos, yet somehow costs five dollars. This thing is huge. So huge in fact, that that idiot on Man Vs Food tried to eat several of these in one sitting and failed.

Juan In A Million review image

Con Queso Breakfast

Two eggs served any style, plus queso, carne guisada, refried beans, potatoes and two flour tortillas. A different but perfectly effective way to fill your stomach with cheap, good eats.

Juan In A Million review image


It’s seriously some of the best table salsa in the city. Keep those chips coming.

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