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Chuy’s review image

ATX Review


Chuy’s is a Tex-Mex staple that started in Barton Hills. Lucky for you, they’re now all over the city.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen review image

ATX Review

Jack Allen’s Kitchen

Jack Allen’s Kitchen serves comfort food including chicken fried things, Tex-Mex-style tacos, cheeseburgers, and enchiladas.

Sam's Bar-B-Que review image

ATX Review

Sam's Bar-B-Que

Sam's Bar-B-Que is a long standing barbecue spot on East 12th serving up all the classics.

Cisco's Restaurant Bakery & Bar review image

ATX Review

Cisco's Restaurant Bakery & Bar

For a classic Tex-Mex breakfast or fajitas, go to Cisco’s in East Austin.

Juan In A Million review image

ATX Review

Juan In A Million

Most famous for the Don Juan—a small mountain of potatoes, bacon, eggs, and cheese—Juan In A Million is a classic East Austin institution serving up hearty Tex-Mex breakfasts and lunches.

Little Deli & Pizzeria review image

ATX Review

Little Deli & Pizzeria

Little Deli feels like a trip back to a simpler time, when the perfect Italian sandwich or slice of pizza was all you really needed.

Sandy’s Hamburgers review image

ATX Review

Sandy’s Hamburgers

One of the oldest burger spots in Austin, Sandy’s has a drive-thru, a walk-up window, and frozen custard.

Terry Black’s Barbecue review image

ATX Review

Terry Black’s Barbecue

Terry Black’s on Barton Springs has a big patio and serves some the best barbecue in Austin.

Curra's Grill review image

ATX Review

Curra's Grill

Curra’s in South Austin serves Tex-Mex and interior Mexican. It is best known for its avocado margarita.

The Salt Lick BBQ review image

ATX Review

The Salt Lick BBQ

The single best overall BBQ experience in Austin (which isn’t actually in Austin) is The Salt Lick.

Fonda San Miguel review image

ATX Review

Fonda San Miguel

If you’re looking for an awesome dining experience that’s not outwardly trendy, and you don’t mind dropping money for it, Fonda San Miguel is the place.

Guero’s Taco Bar review image

ATX Review

Guero’s Taco Bar

The rare tourist destination that locals love too. This is one of the more fun Tex-Mex hangs in town.

Thundercloud Subs review image

ATX Review

Thundercloud Subs

An Austin original: fresh, fast, tasty sandwiches with locations all over the city.

Maudie's Cafe review image

ATX Review

Maudie's Cafe

A classic Austin Tex-Mex establishment that's one of our favorite places for queso and margs.

Magnolia Cafe review image

ATX Review

Magnolia Cafe

There is no better 24-hour restaurant than Magnolia Cafe.

Lala's Little Nugget review image

ATX Review

Lala's Little Nugget

The dive bar Lala's Little Nugget in Crestview has been continually and epically decorated for Christmas since the 1970s.

Halcyon Coffee, Bar & Lounge review image

ATX Review

Halcyon Coffee, Bar & Lounge

Halcyon is an all-day cafe downtown that opened in 2002 before the term “all-day cafe” even existed.

Billy’s On Burnet review image

ATX Review

Billy’s On Burnet

Billy’s On Burnet has lots of beer, plenty of TVs constantly playing sports, and a great burger. It’s a Packers bar.

Mrs. Johnson's Bakery review image

ATX Review

Mrs. Johnson's Bakery

This old-school spot sells donuts for under $1 and is open super late.

Kerbey Lane Cafe South Lamar review image

ATX Review

Kerbey Lane Cafe South Lamar

Kerbey Lane is a classic Austin spot for breakfast, brunch, and late night eats in Austin. The South Lamar location is open 24 hours.