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Matt's el Rancho

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There are countless imitators, but there can only be one Bob Armstrong Dip, and you will only find it at Matt’s El Rancho. The original mashup of chili con queso, ground beef, and avocado is reason enough for you to make the trip to this Austin Tex-Mex legend.

Beyond that, Matt’s El Rancho will make you feel like you’ve time traveled back to a simpler (and better) time when gluten-free bread and cashew cheese didn’t exist, and diced tomatoes in guacamole would have easily sufficed for your vegetable intake for the day.

Is this the best Tex-Mex in town? Absolutely not, but it’s close. Will you likely wait 15-30 minutes for a table? Yes. Is it overrun with families? Yep. But Matt’s El Rancho is an icon for good reason. If you want a taste of traditional Tex-Mex, Matt’s and its Bob Armstrong Dip will do the trick.

Food Rundown

Bob Armstrong Dip

You can’t come to Matt’s and not get this. That’s an order.

Matt’s el Rancho review image

Cheese Enchiladas

The traditional items on the menu like these are the bread and butter of Matt’s, and where you’ll find most ordering happiness. Tortillas, cheese, and chili con carne is pretty much always going to taste great.

Matt’s el Rancho review image

Brisket Tacos

Matt’s isn’t a barbecue place, but the brisket taco definitely works.

Matt’s el Rancho review image

Beef Fajitas

Simple and classic. Sizzling meats stuffed in tortillas are always a good idea.

Chicken Fried Steak

We’d just like to call attention to the fact that Matt’s has a Chicken Fried Steak. Because you never know when the mood may strike.

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