Super Bueno

Much like when a trusted friend sets you up on a disappointing first date, we have to say we weren’t expecting this - especially not from the people behind the highest-rated restaurant on our site, Bar Cotto. But while the space at Super Bueno, a new taqueria in Fremont, seems promising for Happy Hours, family dinners, and fun date nights, the food here is not good.

We’ve been disappointed by many a bad taco in Seattle, but now we’ve found even worse ones at Super Bueno. For starters, they’re so overstuffed that it’s impossible to pick them up without spilling carnitas all over your new pants. Some are like biting into strands of tire (the brisket tacos), some are flavorless (the carnitas), and others slap you violently across the face with seasoning you never asked for (the chicken). Aside from the tacos, Super Bueno will remind you that watermelon isn’t meant to be coated in Pop Rocks and tortilla chips shouldn’t be heated up in bulk via a commercial warming chamber. If Super Bueno were our first date, we’d be texting our roommates by now begging to call with a very fake emergency, such as: “Your car was found rolling across I-90 on fire,” “The ferret is stuck in the toilet again,” or, “I’m standing next to Neil Diamond right now.”

Super Bueno, it’s not us - it’s you. We’re already heading to another taqueria for some rebound al pastor.

Food Rundown

Chips & Salsa

They pull these chips out of a giant warming device near the bar, and they taste like it. They’re not fresh, and they’re also not free.

Super Guac

It’s a small serving that’s topped with a little too much pico de gallo even though it’s guacamole.

Little Gem Salad

This is a pretty basic plate of greens with radishes, cotija, and a creamy citrus dressing. It’s not spectacular, but it won’t make you mad.

Chilled Watermelon

This is a bowl of fresh watermelon, mint, and guajillo salt topped with Pop Rocks. It comes to the table sounding like a disgruntled deep fryer full of mozzarella sticks, but the exploding candy is an irritating gimmick that just makes your mouth feel like the venue for a game of ping pong.

Cheese Dip

Like a bowl of liquid cheese mixed with wet concrete and poblanos, the cheese dip is stiff, grainy, and not very good at all. Someone at our table also said, “Hey, you know, this cheddar cement stuff isn’t as bad if you put some salsa in it.” He’s right, but maybe don’t order it in the first place.

Chicken Taquitos

These are the most difficult taquitos to eat in the history of time. They’re skewered together through the middle and buried under a pile of too-spicy chipotle slaw and fried scallions, so you can’t pick them up. The dry chicken inside isn’t worth the trouble anyway.

Jackfruit Tacos

If you’ve ever wondered what it would taste like to have slippery apple pie filling topped with a chokingly-spicy chile sauce inside of a tortilla, wonder no longer.

Fried Cod Tacos

The fish tacos are the best things here - the batter is light and crispy, the creamy slaw on top has a nice crunch, and nothing violently spills out of the side like every other taco on the menu.

Marinated Chicken Tacos

Hope you like lots of cumin and disappointment.

Carnitas Tacos

The carnitas are dry and undersalted, and the otherwise-tasty salsa verde doesn’t do much to save it.

Guajillo Brisket Taco

The flavor on the meat is solid, but it’s very dry, and the tortilla is so overstuffed that you’re going to end up using your fork and wishing you were eating somewhere else.

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