The only proof that Ruby exists is the huge text painted on a black wall in Greenwood where a computer repair shop used to be. And no offense to anyone with a busted Nintendo Switch—but grabbing a drink at this Victorian wallpaper-slathered speakeasy is the better deal. The bar consists of a U-shaped counter, a few tables with candles, and a painting of a particularly jovial corgi (that’s Ruby). It’s a perfect spot to talk with a bartender about everything and nothing over cava-topped gin, and momentarily pretend that you’re not across from a Fred Meyer.

Ruby’s short lineup of $13 signature cocktails is excellent, featuring things like jungle birds with Plantation Pineapple subbed in for the fruit juice in question, a rum and fernet drink cooled by coconut, and a choose-your-own-negroni adventure where the base spirit, color, and preparation are up to you. Pair it all with snacks like fried pickles and mini corn dogs, which is probably what you wanted anyway.

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