Wine tours with friends can quickly go south. Before you know it, a nice afternoon out turns into a dramatic saga with name-calling and fake tears. If you need a brief time-out from anyone whose attitude is currently being sponsored by one too many gulps of Sauvignon Blanc, Novelty Hill is a fantastic place to spread out and split up for a bit. Unlike other tasting rooms where you’re forced to share wine-scented oxygen with everyone you came with, this one has a really big patio with a variety of different seating arrangements to choose from. Sit on a sofa far away from other people, take a breather, and also continue to drink good wine. There are a bunch of snacks available to have with your tasting, too.

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Where To Drink Wine In Woodinville guide image
Where To Drink Wine In Woodinville

When you’re in the mood for a couple dozen tiny sips of wine, head to the tasting rooms in Woodinville Wine Country.

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