Alebrijes Kitchen

Naturally, we eat at a lot of restaurants. But we crawled back to Alebrijes Kitchen like a lovesick fool just two days after our initial visit, and that means it’s special. This Greenwood spot casually serves some of the best Mexican food in town. And even though it’s all happening in a snoozy dining room with just about as many tables as there are Milky Way planets, the food here makes an otherwise catatonic Tuesday night straight-up defibrillated.

There are pomegranate margaritas that the sole server will hop behind the bar to mix, chips straight from the fryer swiped through spicy avocado salsa, and chipotle-buttered shrimp that’ll clear out your sinuses faster than a tab of Claritin. Verde enchiladas are drenched in thick chunky tomatillo, textbook birria tacos are stuffed with pot roast-y beef, and the carnitas have a PG-13-level balance between sexy fat hunks and buttoned-up lean shreds. Yeah, we’ll gladly crawl back for that.

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