Bar Nestor

Getting into Bar Nestor feels like you’re sweet-talking a bouncer at an exclusive nightclub: grit, patience, and a little strategy are required. You’ll need to get on the list to be guaranteed a spot at lunch or dinner, so show up before opening and a waiter will give you an estimated wait time. Some things also need a reservation, like the one table inside or getting a slice of their legendary tortilla española—they only make two a day, so this luscious omelet is a hot commodity.

Have a drink outside while you wait for space to the bar—once you’ve snagged your spot, expect to be met with a menu of just four things: sliced jamón, a simple but delicious tomato salad, blistered Gernika peppers, and the txuleta. It’s a massive, pink-in-the-middle, fat-capped steak with rock salt and the most satisfying reward for your determination.

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