Bar Sport

There’s a TV to watch La Liga at this bar, but sports aren’t why you come here—it’s the wide variety of cold and hot pintxos that range from simple to noticeably gourmet. The bartenders fill rows of glasses with fizzy cider as you point out what delicious thing on the bar you’d like first. 

The gildas with a triple briny punch of olives, pickled peppers, and anchovies are the perfect salty bite to kick off a meal before you migrate to the warm dishes, which are the most impressive things that hit the counter. The txangurro al horno is perfect for sharing and comes as a sweet, creamy crab bake served inside its shell. And no visit to Bar Sport is complete without trying the grilled foie gras with a smoky char, sprinkling of rock salt, and a shiny coat of olive oil.

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