Borda Berri

There may come a point during your visit to Borda Berri when things get overwhelming. This tiny pintxo bar gets packed, forcing you to elbow your way through a sweaty crowd so you can shout your order at a waiter who’s too busy refilling glasses to look at you. But trust us—they don’t miss a beat. It’s organized chaos that ends with some of the best hot pintxos in San Sebastián. 

Owned by the La Cuchara de San Telmo people, Borda Berri also makes its grilled and braised dishes to order, like beef cheeks slow-cooked in red wine until they collapse under your fork and tender, garlicky pig’s ears with glossy skin that shatters like candy. If you’re looking for a great meatless option, get the creamy orzo risotto made with nutty idiazábal cheese.

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