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Arinell Pizza

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Hours: THURSDAY11:30AM to 12:00AM
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This may be the best NYC-style slice joint in town. That ain't saying much.

We've had a fair number of slices around town, and, sorry to say, the batting average is not all that high. Abject SF homerism aside (see sandwiches and [roast chicken ( /zuni-cafe)), it's hard to argue this is an area where our city brings strong game.

Arinell is the closest to the original experience. If the crust hasn't hardened into the texture of matzo and the cheese isn't at volcanic temperatures, it's not a bad eat. It's especially good if you're hammered before midnight in the Mission, since it's conveniently housed on that one corner in the Mission that happens to house everything in the Mission.

So we're not gonna give this place high praise. But if you're drunk and you close your eyes, on the right night, you might briefly imagine you're back at Joe's in the West Village.

Food Rundown

Plain Slice

The cool slice, for purists and all. Sometimes it can have that perfect slight-chew foldability that you're looking for. Other times it breaks down like the impostor it is. Not bad, but often lacking strong flavor game.

Pepperoni Slice

Call us crazy, but we like some seasoning on our slice unless the cheese is killer (not here) and the crust is banging (also not here). So get something with toppings if you agree.

Sicilian Slice

Chewy, bready, calorically potent. If the thin slice weren't the platonic ideal, we might say go with this one. (Go with this one.)

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