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Garaje is an interesting place, because while most of the food is not precisely “good,” we find ourselves here regularly.

Why is this? It does a few things well: there’s great beer options, it’s a good place to kick back and watch sports on TV, and they serve the only affordable late(ish)-night eats worth having in this desolate part of Soma.

To be fair, we’re being a bit harsh on the food - it’s not bad, you’ll probably enjoy it, especially paired with the excellent beer. It’s basically Mexican from the school of San Diego, meaning they’ve plumbed the depths of what one can stuff french fries into and tested the vertical limits of piles of guacamole on top of everything else. The best options are the “zapatos,” or pressed cheesy burrito-type things, stuffed with guacamole and often featuring (you guessed it!) french fries. If this doesn’t sound like something you want to try at some point, we can’t really be friends.

Everything besides the zapatos comes down in the category of okay, but not great. The tacos seem to believe, in their little tortilla heart of hearts, that if they were just filled with more stuff, at some point, they’d be good. We’re sorry, tacos, but this is not true. More is not more.

So, should you go to Garaje? For sure. As long as your plan is to wash down an avocado-meat-french-fry concoction with a killer IPA, while watching a Warriors game. We’ll be back for exactly that purpose.

Food Rundown


Our favorite thing on the menu. Basically a pressed Mexican hot pocket. We vote for Cali steak because the steak is well-cooked, and you want some of dem fries in there.


In a word...polarizing. These are gigantic, piled high with meat, vegetables, and guacamole. So much guacamole. They are nothing like the tacos you’ll get in a Mission taqueria, but we don’t begrudge them that. Authentic doesn’t matter as much as delicious. Some of the options are decent, but overall we have to give a thumbs-slightly-down. The meats are generally cooked properly, but the size and avocado slop make them damn near impossible to eat with your hands. And the guacamole makes them taste mostly like...guacamole.

Carne Asada Fries 

Basically the tacos on top of a pile of fries. With melted cheese. Not bad, but we didn’t find ourself housing the whole thing.


A solid burger, but doesn’t pass the In-N-Out test. Said test being, “price adjusted, would you rather eat this than a double-double?” Most burgers don’t pass the In-N-Out test. Doesn’t mean they’re not worth eating.

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