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Walter Foods is permanently closed.

Walter Foods

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You know how you can tell a good neighborhood restaurant? When the bartender and hostess hug everyone that comes in the place. We were at Walter Foods a few weeks ago and saw more hugs getting handed out here than on the first day of a furry convention. I guess if you live near Walter Foods, you come here a lot. I guess if we lived near Walter Foods, we would too.

It’s not that we were completely blown away by this favorite among favorites of Williamsburg restaurants. We have found ourselves pleasantly satisfied every time we visit, whether it’s for a few drinks or a full on meal. But we’ve never had that one incredible experience - the one we have every time we eat at Vinegar Hill House. And Vinegar Hill House is actually the perfect “you might also like” restaurant for Walter Foods. Both serve a similarly hefty American menu, both have awesome outdoor dining, and both probably fight over the same sh*t at the antique store for the restaurant walls. But if we have to choose between the two, we’re going Vinegar Hill House every single time. I suppose that’s not the point though. Walter Foods is a neighborhood restaurant. Vinegar Hill House is a restaurant without a neighborhood. You organize trips to Vinegar Hill House just to eat there. You come to Walter Foods because you are in its proximity.

If you do find yourself in Walter Food’s proximity, there are a few things you should stop in for. First of all, the cocktails are all very good, and they will be served to you by guy who calls his vest a waistcoat. Second, this place has one of the best French dip sandwiches we’ve had. People talk all about the lobster roll and the fried chicken, but that French dip is where it’s at. Order that and a dozen oysters and you’re gonna be in good shape. You might even get a hug.

Food Rundown


I’m not sure why we still write about oysters in the Food Rundown. From here on out you can just assume that if the restaurant has them on the menu, we ate them, and if we didn’t die from eating them, we loved them.

Crispy String Beans

A popular starter of deep fried green beans with an aggressive mustard sauce. We liked these fine, but you don’t necessarily need them.

French Dip

This is such an excellent sandwich. We’re big French Dip fans, but too often the bun will be soggy or the meat grisly. Not this time. This is filet mignon on a baguette with a delicious horseradish sauce spread on each side of the bun. So good. The thin cut fries on the plate don’t suck either. Consider this a must order.

Fried Chicken

A fan favorite - it’s hard not to want fried chicken with honey.

Pork Chop

I’m not even sure why, but it’s a forgone conclusion that a place like this will serve a pork chop. This one’s fine, but it won’t have us ordering it again.

Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding

Wait, what? I don’t even know how to process that. How did nobody think of this until now? These are pretty much all of my favorite things in one dessert. Thanks for ruining every birthday of mine that doesn’t include this, forever.

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