Tacos El Bronco

Perfect For: Cheap Eats Serious Take-Out Operation

Tacos El Bronco

Perfect For: Cheap Eats Serious Take-Out Operation

Our search for the perfect taco is well documented here at the Infatuation. We have lamented about the lack of reliable options, (see, here and here), and celebrated the few-and-far-betweens that have hit the mark (see: here, and here). For whatever reason, New York just doesn't churn out reliable taco spots like it does so many other ethnic eats.

But just because dependable options are hard to find doesn't mean we have stopped searching. I, in particular, happen to commit much of my free time to the endeavor. And as with many long searches before it, this one has led us to a sweet, salty reward. A diamond in Sunset Park's rough, Tacos El Bronco is home to one of, if not The Best tacos in town. As in: capital T, capital B. Served alongside basic, no-frills Mexican plates, this is a must-eat Mexican spot for anybody who considers themselves a fan of the genre. Tacos run $1.50 a pop, and huge plates of meat-rice-beans cost between $10 and $15, so nobody is going to go home hungry. Horribly full and bloated? Maybe. But not hungry.

The key to Tox Bronx is that the place is Mexican in every way. It is one of the few places in town you can go to for dinner and be assured that the TV will be showing telenovela re-runs or Mexican club soccer games, or that the jukebox will be pumping out awesome songs in Spanish that employ heavy use of both accordion and trumpet. But that by no means precludes you from joining in on the party. Every time we go here we are treated as if we belong -regardless of whether or not our high-school Spanish is convincing (it is not).

Is Tacos El Broncos a bit out of the way? Yes. Is the subway ride seriously long? You betcha. Do the teal track lights in the dining room make this place look like the inside of a limousine from the '80s? Absolutely. But if you're in the market for top-tier tacos and a home cooked Mexican meal, this place is well worth the effort.

Food Rundown


Double corn tortilla, meat, onions. No fuss, no muss, and sure as hell no sour cream. If we could live off these guys, we would. Everything about them is right, and you can eat half a dozen-plus and call it a meal. No matter how much room you save to try other things, you are going to wish you had just gotten more of these. Cecina, roast port, spicy pork, lamb and lengua are all aces.The steak and chicken leave something to be desired, but you didn't come all the way out here for a chicken taco anyway.


Handmade, thick corn patties, the sopes here are worth an order. Topped with refried beans, some cheese, and chicken or steak, these are a solid bite if you want a non-taco appetizer. Plus, the last time we went, they were sold out by mid-afternoon, which is always a good sign.

Cecina Encebollada con Nopales

Thinly pounded steak covered in onions and small pieces of cactus. The chewy, salty meat won't win any awards for juiciest cut but it does the trick just fine. Plus the orange rice and pinto beans are beyond good.

Pollo A La Mexicana

Basic strips of chicken grilled up and topped with peppers and onions. A fork-full of rice-beans-chicken is about as basic and reliable a Mexican bite as you can ask for, and this version here is exactly what you would expect.

Chuletas Encebollada

Two pork chops served underneath a sea of shredded, caramelized-looking onions. As straightforward as can be.

Chiles Rellenos

Two jumbo Poblanos stuffed with white cheese and covered with a house made salsa. The cheese (chunks of queso blanco) is relatively flavorless, but the salsa and the pepper itself give off some decent heat.

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