Slutty Vegan

As soon as you get up to the counter at this uber-popular chain from Atlanta, you’ll get a “Hey, slut” greeting. If it’s your first time here, someone will shout “We got a virgin” while ringing a cowbell. The whole ritual sits somewhere between aggravating and fun—but closer to the latter. Slutty Vegan's large burgers, which start at $16, are solid and have a Burger King-like flame-broiled flavor, but our favorite thing here is the chopped cheese with gooey provolone and peppers. All the food is vegan, and they also have a “chicken” sandwich and crinkle fries sprinkled with “slut dust” (tastes like celery salt). Since this spot is takeout-only, eat your food right under the Comandante Biggie mural, which is right outside.

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