Skin Contact

As much as we appreciate wine bars with dictionary-length lists that use jargon like “unctuous” and “chewy tannins,” we also appreciate that Skin Contact isn’t that sort of place. This is a charming, candle-lit spot on the LES that’s run by the son of the owner of Chambers Street Wines, one of our favorite wine stores in NYC. Even if you know next to nothing about wine, the condensed list of natural options and friendly staff will help you find something unusual without paying a ton of money - most of the glasses cost around $13.

Try out Skin Contact the next time you’re meeting up with a date or want a solo drink near Orchard Street. They have a decent amount of sidewalk tables set up, as well as a backyard where they run wine tastings every week. If you’d prefer to get your wine delivered, you can order through their website here. There’s even a “$25 bottle dealer’s choice” section where they’ll choose something interesting for you.

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