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Sally Roots

Sally Roots is a neighborhood spot that tends to be full of neighborhood people, and nothing here costs over $20. The food is Caribbean/American, and it’s pretty straightforward. Order a bowl of braised oxtail, and that’s what you’ll get - a scoop of meat on a pile rice and peas.

Sally Roots review image

The plating might not be fancy, but just about everything here hits the spot, and Sally Roots has plenty of other things going for it as well. It’s perfect for a casual dinner date or a night out with friends, and - if you’re one of the seven billion people who enjoy backyards - they have a great one.

Noah Devereaux

Sally Roots review image

So when shouldn’t you come here? Maybe when you’re looking for a life-changing meal. Mostly, this is where you go for some highly pleasant food to put in your mouth while you talk to other people. It makes you feel good, and if you have a bad weekday, the pulled pork will put its arm around you and tell you that things could be worse.

Although don’t expect comforting service. Most employees here give the impression that they just got back from a Father John Misty show, and it totally wiped them out. Your drinks might even sit at the bar while the servers take pictures of each other and field compliments on their hats. But what are you going to do? It’s still a fun place to eat.

If we lived nearby, we’d come here once a week - selfie-taking servers and all. We might even post up at the bar on a Friday night and have a few cocktails (and tostones) before heading to Three Diamond Door.

Food Rundown


This main is called pork. As you can see, it’s pork. Also, rice and peas. Dump some hot sauce over this, and that’s a comforting plate of food.

Noah Devereaux

Sally Roots review image

Half Jerk Chicken

Not our favorite. We’d pass on this and go for the salmon or pork.


A good piece of fish, although it could use more sauce. Add some of the stuff that comes with the tostones.

Sally Roots review image


Pretty good tostones with an exceptional garlic sauce. Even if you don’t get these, ask for a side of the sauce, and put it on everything.

Sally Roots review image


Not what you should be getting here, although you won’t go home in tears. Despite all the toppings, it’s really just an average burger.

Sally Roots review image

Mac & Cheese

First, why is this on the menu. Second, why is it actually good. We’d order this again.

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