Maxi’s Noodle

With the dizzying amount of wonton options in Flushing, it helps if your wontons are big enough to be seen from space. Even better if they’re a master class in dumpling-making. Maxi’s is a teeny tiny cafe specializing in Hong Kong-style noodle soup with springy egg noodles made in-house, and wontons the size of a baby’s fist. The two-bite wontons—filled with juicy pink pork and shrimp—are only one of six available toppings, but they’re a non-negotiable add. Other options include supersized dace fish balls, dumplings, and rich beef stew. Space is limited, and the food comes out fast. On a chilly morning, Maxi’s is the perfect impromptu pit stop for a bowl of hot broth and a milk tea.

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