Kong Sihk Tong

Kong Sihk Tong is a big, bright, pastel-and-neon wonderland in Flushing, with a more contemporary vibe than other cha chaan tengs, or Hong Kong-style cafes, in the area. It's one our favorite casual places for a filling breakfast or a snack, and the prices are super reasonable. For $7, you can get a breakfast set with a hot beverage and a main dish, like spam and eggs, steamed rice rolls, or satay beef swimming in instant noodles. We'd recommend the salted egg yolk french toast: two thick slices of milk bread stuffed with a salted egg yolk lava, dipped in custard, and lightly fried. It goes well with a cup of yuenyueng, a mixture of milk tea and coffee. There's another location in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

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