If you sit at the bar at Hi-Collar, you'll see coffee and tea prepared as meticulously as any cocktail at a speakeasy that you had to call a secret number to get into (three weeks ago). This place takes hot beverages very seriously. You can choose from a selection of coffee beans at this kissaten (a Japanese tea room and coffee shop) in the East Village, and each cup of coffee is made by hand via one of three brewing methods (pour over, aeropress, or siphon). Owner Bon Yagi, who was born in Japan and moved to NYC in the 1970s, is responsible for many of the other restaurants and bars around this place (Hasaki, Sake Bar Decibel, and more). During the day, you can order dishes like omurice with bacon and fluffy Japanese-style pancakes to go along with a cup of hoji cha tea. At night, this spot turns into a bar with a large selection of sakes and Japanese whiskies. If you're the type of person who's on a first-name basis with several mixologists, and you also love coffee, Hi-Collar is the place for you.

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