Perfect For: Date Night First/Early in the Game Dates

We aren't fans of waiting three hours to eat dinner. We usually show up to a meal already hungry (starving) ready to eat nine bread baskets before we've even looked at a menu. Yes we have heard of Kind Bars and yes we get that this is a crisis of our own creation, but stop trying to change us and accept us for who we are.

So when we found out about Giuseppina’s, we assumed we'd struck marinara gold. A brother to the owner of and an ex-pizza man at Lucali was doing the same thing at a spot a little further off the beaten path? Had to be the find of our year. Think about Lucali and all its wonder, and then strip away the long ass lines, the sorry-not-sorry attitude, and the long ass lines. You're left with a pizza place that exists only in your most lactose tolerant dreams. Except thank the lord, it exists out in South Slope, too.

But despite looking exactly like its sibling restaurant - same striped awning, same bench and chalkboard menu outside, same candlelit tables and Date Night atmosphere - Giuseppina’s oven just doesn't recreate that Lucali magic. The pizza is excellent, and is pretty close to what we've come to know and love from Lucali's, but the calzone is noticeably worse. Still good? Of course. But it doesn't reach the heights of Lucali's ricotta-filled masterpiece. Plus, because Giuseppina's sells beer and wine, you lose out on the BYOB fun (and savings) that is a staple of every Lucali meal, too. Waiting in line still sucks, but so does lesser calzone and more expensive wine.

We're still big fans, and Park Slopers would be crazy to eat pizza from anywhere else, but we're not ready to crown it pizza royalty. Not yet, at least. Who knows, one more three hour line and hangry meltdown might have us rethinking this whole thing again.

Food Rundown


Very close to what you get at Lucali. The crust is nice and thin, and the cheese and sauce are, how do you say, f*cking GOOD. Why they don't sell an appetizer bowl of this red sauce and call it soup, I'll never understand. Get a topping if you want, but the basil and garlic come free and you really don't need much else.


The ricotta is delicious, and the side sauce for dipping is a must. But for whatever reason, the dough on the 'zones out here just aren't right. Too much chew, not enough crisp to match up against Lucali's version. Still better than whatever crap you get at your corner spot, though.


The nutella calzone is the only dessert we know this place to have, and is something you will not find at Lucali. The same pizza dough as the calzone,stuffed with bits of the same ricotta cheese plus nutella, topped with powdered sugar and more chocolatey (hazelnut-y?) goodness. It's good, but considering you likely just ate bread and cheese pizza followed by bread and cheese calzone, nobody will blame you for passing on bread and cheese dessert.

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