Foxface Natural

Foxface used to be a takeout-only operation where you could pick up a sandwich filled with salt cod, fava beans, or wild antelope. Now, it’s a full-blown restaurant on Avenue A with a punk rock soundtrack, a natural wine list, and a casual, well-lit space. The food is still quirky, but you won’t find any sandwiches here. Instead, expect things like kangaroo tartare, smoked hiramasa with subtle pastrami spices, and a whole roasted fluke served with scene-stealing potatoes. Simple dishes work best, but even head-scratchers like a plate of asparagus with “reassembled egg” are, at worst, conversation-worthy. If you’re bored of your usual East Village restaurant and are mentally prepared to spend $100 on a few small plates, bring a friend, and give this place a shot.

Foxface Natural review image

photo credit: Sonal Shah