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Café Sabarsky

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Few places in New York will transport you out of the city as quickly and thoroughly as Cafe Sabarsky. This Viennese cafe in the Neue Galerie is not only the perfect setting to play out your academic cosplay dreams, the food is also some of the best on the Upper East Side. Sabarsky is well known for exemplary versions of desserts like sachertorte and apfelstrudel, and for their bracingly strong kaffee creme. You must order these things, but to dismiss Sabarsky as merely a place for coffee and a light bite would be incorrect. At breakfast, you can experience delights like wobbly bavarian sausages served in a steaming bath of hot water with a soft pretzel and grainy mustard. Later in the day, you’ll want to get the weiner schnitzel. You won’t find a better version anywhere in the five boroughs. 

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