Victor's 1959 Cafe

Nearly every surface inside Victor’s 1959 Cafe is covered with layers of signatures and doodles left by previous diners—bring a Sharpie to add your contribution (it’s more likely to stand the test of time if you can reach the ceiling). This is the sort of spot you’ll be coming back to over the years. Not just because you want to show off your scribbled, magnum-opus autograph to your friends, but because the food is genuinely great. There are plate-sized pancakes drizzled with fresh mango puree, flank steak simmered in a sherry sauce until it falls apart into tender shreds, and a Cuban sandwich filled with locally-smoked honey ham. Add on a café con leche sweetened with a housemade sugar paste, and order an extra guava and cream cheese empanada to enjoy for breakfast tomorrow. 

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