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The 12 Best Coffee Shops In Atlanta

Where to go for coffee when you're sick and tired of your own home.

There are mornings when it’s hard to move one foot out from under the covers, much less drag our entire bodies out of bed. We’ve found that bribing ourselves with a good cup of coffee is the only thing that can get us up and out the door in minutes.

Whether you’re looking for an on-the-go morning boost, a place to work for the day where your commanding conference call voice doesn't drown out the music, or a meet-up spot to catch up with a friend, we’ve got you covered. These are our favorite places to grab a cup of coffee right now.


Con Leche

Admire the colorful geometrically painted ceiling quickly since there’s no seating inside this tiny, green, retro coffee counter. After you get your coffee (and color inspiration for your next Canva design), take a seat on a bench in their outdoor gravel area. But we mostly use this spot for quick grab-and-go whenever we’re in Reynoldstown. While we love their tasty lattes, what we like most about Con Leche is that they source products from other small, local businesses. Their coffee is made from Flow and Radio Roasters beans, they use milk from Rockhouse Creamery, and Casa Cardoza stocks the place with our favorite egg and cheese empanadas.

Though it sits in a busy West Midtown strip, this cozy spot feels like a small-town college coffee shop. Mismatched couches and chairs sit in the center of the room. We like Urban Grind because there is an energy here—that has nothing to do with the caffeine. On nights when they host live music, comedy, or slam poetry, nearly every chair is filled with a variety of folks. Get a signature drink like the white raspberry mocha, which is more of a dessert and reminds us of our childhood Toaster Strudel days. But what really amps up our sweet tooth is the pastry selection. Endless muffins, cookies, cakes, and even mini whoopie pies keep us sugared up and ready to tackle Atlanta’s traffic jams.

If you spend way too much time on BookTok, let us introduce you to Read Shop in Vinings. Since the number of bookstores with in-house cafes has dwindled dangerously close to zero, this feels like a rare find even if they only sell coffee table beauties and NYT bestsellers. The glass book shelves hanging from the central ceiling are straight out of our dream house Pinterest board (which, we started immediately after seeing these shelves). We’ll gladly sit beneath it to peruse a new book with a caffeinated beverage and relive the (almost) bygone bookshop era.

Typography painted on a gray cement wall relays that Cafe Comma in Vinings doesn’t have inspirational quotes, but they do have good coffee and good vibes. That’s perfect because we can live, laugh, love somewhere else after we get our caffeine fix from this grab-and-go spot. Unique signature coffee flavors like a charcoal coconut or a frothy orange dreamsicle make this our first stop when we’re bored with regular old cups of coffee. Yes, java purists, this is dessert in a cup, but let us enjoy our sugary moment in peace. And then, of course, there are the toasts. Get toppings like egg and garlic, smoked salmon, or an entire avocado on a slice of bread so thick we thought it was four slices disguised as one.

The Daily in Inman Park bills itself as a coffee shop, but the food is honestly good enough to be a standalone breakfast spot. That's obvious by the huge crowds that swarm the place every morning. Natural light from the wall of windows gives the contemporary, polished decor a more welcoming, cozy aesthetic that we’d like every coffee place to have. Signature drinks like their coveted black sesame latte will keep caffeine seekers happy. But for anyone who hates coffee (we don’t know any of those people), their food items pack more punch than a double espresso. If we could marry a breakfast burrito we’d choose this one. It’s grilled (taking a hint from Bell Street) and packed with eggs, home fries, pickled onions, and the freshest salsa verde we’ve ever had.

Prevail Coffee in West Midtown might just be the bougiest coffee spot we’ve ever been to. Massive pillars rise up to the nearly 20-foot ceilings, and long, elegant white drapes divide the room in half. Slide into a leather, semi-circle booth with a signature drink like their tasty fig latte, sweetened with a housemade (of course it is) fig syrup. No, you're not in Calabasas, darlings, but you are in a land overflowing with milk substitutes—like Myracle Mylk and macadamia nut creamer—and honey. So whether you're with a date or a colleague you're trying to impress, come here to sip coffee (pinkies up).

Finca to Filter is right inside Wild Heaven just off the Westside BeltLine, so it’s an ideal spot to grab a quick coffee before a morning run. But if running sounds awful, the space tends to evolve as the day wears on. Finca's long cafeteria style tables, countertop seats, and couches provide plenty of space to relax with friends or get some work done. If you prefer to people-watch the theatrics of the BeltLine, grab an outdoor table to sip on your coffee. The coffee corner sits adjacent to the bar, so you can hang out all day and grab a beer after you finish your 10th Zoom meeting of the day. They offer some light bites like bagels and pastries, but the real high point is the empanadas. They go fast so get here early to snag one.

Chrome Yellow is the best hub for Edgewood’s work-from-home crews. Their mid-morning soundtrack features the gurgling of coffee machines mixed with the clacking of keyboards and some light chatter. This cafe cacophony is music to our ears, especially when we’re chomping on their tasty breakfast empanadas and sipping on small-batch roasts of their own coffee blends. We like their oat milk lattes, which give us that silky foam top we love and hardly any bitterness. Be prepared to fight for a table since it’s always busy. We don’t fault them for their popularity since this is a place we’d feel comfortable locking in for hours. Worn concrete floors and homey wooden tables come together for a relaxed (but not too relaxed) farmhouse-chic vibe that helps us stay productive.

Momo Cafe sits at the front of Japanese restaurant Momonoki in Midtown. They offer a variety of coffees and teas at their service counter—the refreshing matcha latte is our favorite order. A display case with appetizing small pastries like mochi donuts and gorgeous, fancy croissants (get the savory onion, gruyere, and rosemary combo) make you want to order food, too. So take your mini breakfast and caffeine crutch upstairs. The small, sleek nook overlooks Momonoki’s dining room on one side and the interstate on the other and feels like a cozier version of an Apple Store. So if your mind is easily distracted, this is the perfect place to crank out the work you told your boss you’d already finished.

If you need somewhere in East Atlanta to plop down your laptop and work in peace, this is your spot. Hodgepodge is a bare bones coffee shop on Moreland. The front room has a few tables and typical coffee shop music, but the back room is giant and surprisingly quiet (both in decibels and aesthetic). Every table has an outlet nearby for easy charging, and the walls don’t have any loud decor to distract you as you tackle your long to-do list. They have all of the usual cafe options. And they're reliably good, but their pastries and popovers are the standouts on the menu. Make a goal to finish a few tasks before ordering another helping of their delicious blueberry crumb cake, which always dances in our minds a little longer than we'd like it to.

Perc has two Atlanta locations—one in the Highlands and one in East Lake. The Highlands location always serves us some small-town charm with our coffee. The surrounding quaint shops of the VaHi strip and retro, mint-colored order counter are a welcome escape from the busy metro (especially after braving the many potholed Peachtree streets). But signature drinks, like My Morning Jacket (a latte with vanilla, black walnut bitters, and spices) still appeal to our big city tastes. Those aren't the only tempting flavors on the menu—Perc also has waffles that are basically desserts, like their Waffogato, a half waffle with vanilla ice cream and a shot of mild espresso. We always try to snag the table by the window for excellent views of the main strip.

If you need a coffee fix on the Southwest side, hit up Buzz on Cascade. They have a fairly extensive menu with brewed coffee, nitro draft, and even wine if you swing by later in the day. It’s also a great place to grab a quick bite with pastries, sandwiches, and salads. There’s one long leather couch and a few small tables, so you can sip your coffee and admire the cafe's artworks from Atlanta-based artists. And fun events like bookclub meets and yoga classes make the space feel more like a cool social club than a cafe.

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