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Burch Steak & Pizza Bar review image

MPS Review

Burch Steak & Pizza Bar

Whether you're looking for a great steak in a casual space or pizza in a speakeasy-type basement, Burch in Lowry Hills is where you should be eating

Grand Cafe review image

MPS Review

Grand Cafe

When you have a special occasion, Grand Cafe in Kingfield is one of the best spots to go, with a menu full of over-the-top dishes.

Martina review image

MPS Review


Martina is an Argentinian spot in Linden Hills with an attractive space, plenty of shareable dishes, and some of the best cocktails in the city.

Kado No Mise review image

MPS Review

Kado No Mise

Kado no Mise in the North Loop will be the best sushi meal you'll have in Minneapolis, and also one of the most expensive at $200 for their omakase.

Esker Grove review image

MPS Review

Esker Grove

Esker Grove is where to go in Lowry Hill East when you want to eat brunch and drink cocktails at the Walker Art Center.