Red Rooster Overtown

Red Rooster is an Overtown restaurant that serves a mix of Southern, Caribbean, and Latin American dishes. If you’re looking for a quiet meal, this is not the restaurant to pick. On weekend nights, the music can get loud and people are mingling around the U-shaped bar in the front, where there’s often a DJ. There’s even a section of the menu devoted to bottle service, proudly featuring E11even Vodka, which are two words that practically give us a hangover all on their own. Of course, you don’t have to order a $300 bottle of vodka to be here. You can certainly come to just eat the fried yard bird, which is a great plate of crunchy dark meat with a lovely sour orange hot honey. The crudos are all tasty too, and if you want splurge on something other than a bottle of alcohol, get the $105 fire-roasted wagyu oxtail. This place is also a good call for brunch, especially one where alcohol is involved.

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