Korean Kitchen

Korean Kitchen is a great casual Korean spot in North Miami. They do a lot of to-go orders but they also have a little covered outdoor deck and a small dining room where you can sit down, order a bottle of soju, and enjoy the best kimchi in Miami. There are plenty of other tasty things here, like a huge seafood pancake, bibimbap, fish cakes in a spicy broth, and dozens more Korean dishes you really can't find anywhere else in Miami. This place should be on both your takeout rotation and your list of easy, low-stress dinner spots that don’t require a reservation.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Tasty Planet


The stone bowl it’s served in is blazing hot, and you’ll want to wait a couple of minutes before mixing your bibimbap so that the rice gets a nice crust from that hot stone bowl. Feel free to use this time to drink soju or silently appreciate the beautiful arrangement of bulgogi strips and various seasoned vegetables that surround a beautiful sunny side up egg like spokes on a wagon wheel. Once you’re ready to mix the rice, prepare for a fantastic combination of crispy bits of rice, little ribbons of vegetables, creamy egg yolk, and stripes of spicy/sweet sauce.

Budae Jjigae

The stew is flavored with kimchi and Korean chili, which give it spiciness and a bit of sourness to counterbalance all the rich ingredients that go into this dish—like ramen noodles, tteok, sliced hotdogs, and spam. The stew is finished with a slice (or two) of American cheese, which melts into the bubbling cauldron like a tween’s heart at a BTS concert.

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