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The Best Chicken Wings In Miami

Miami's best chicken wings, according to us.

When you think about what makes a great chicken wing, a few things come to mind: crunchiness, buttery buffalo sauce, aesthetically pleasing grill marks, the words "lemon pepper," and, inevitably, taking a shower with a small mountain of Wet-Naps. But whatever kind of wing you’re in the mood for, chances are, it’s probably on this list—from sticky-sweet Laotian wings to classic hot wings with a side of blue cheese.


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Hometown Barbecue


1200 NW 22nd St, Miami
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In a hypothetical scenario in which we can only eat one restaurant’s wings for the rest of our lives, we’re going with Hometown’s smoked ones. They’re truly good enough to commit to a lifelong monogamous poultry relationship. Each wing has a dusting of mole spices that intensifies this already perfectly smoked wing’s flavor. There’s also crumbled queso fresco sprinkled on top as well as a delicious charred poblano crema you can dip every meaty piece into.

Off Site’s are the kind of wings you want to be eating alongside a cold beer, which you can easily make happen at this Little River nano-brewery. The wings are both smoked and fried—two objectively good things in one package, like a dog that can also play jazz saxophone. There isn’t a photon of the wing’s exterior that isn’t crispy. And under that crackly skin awaits two to three bites of outstanding smoked chicken.

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Lil’ Laos has one of those menus that gives us anxiety—not because it’s huge, but because we want to order every wonderful dish, all at once. But, for the purpose of this guide, let’s focus on their excellent tod gai. They’re coated in a batter that somehow ends up puffy, airy, and crunchy all at once—which is already a huge draw. But what really sells these wings is the sticky, sweet tamarind honey garlic glaze they toss them in.

Brickell's BBQ & Craft Company has a menu full of very impressive big-name smoked meats like brisket and ribs. But their chicken wings are excellent too. Especially the dry-rubbed wings, which hit the table looking a beautiful dark brown, with an even coating of spices on every millimeter of skin. They also come with an Alabama white sauce, which is very tasty. But these super flavorful wings don't need it.

The bar wing is a sacred genre of wing. It needs to be fried, a little spicy, and come with your choice of ranch or blue cheese. And Pizza Tropical (the pizza ventanita on the patio of Gramps) makes an outstanding, simple bar chicken wing. You can order them hot-sauced or tossed in a mild honey garlic sauce. Whatever version you get, they’ll be cooked beautifully—and won’t be so messy that you’ll be too embarrassed to eat them in public.

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House of Wings

If you’re craving a classic fried wing—something straightforward to eat on the couch on a Thursday night—consider placing an order at House of Wings. The mostly takeout Overtown spot does a solid hot wing, and they have a truly ridiculous amount of sauce options. There are literally dozens and dozens and dozens (including sauces such as: Honey BBQ Jerk, Henessey Glaze, and something called "Golden Goblin”). But a classic lemon pepper or buffalo are good options if you're having sauce indecision.

You know them. You love them. You’ve celebrated at least one little league victory here in your life. Flanigan’s is a classic South Florida chain and you know what? Their wings are pretty darn good, and consistently so—no matter which of the eight Miami locations you visit. They aren’t mind-blowing, but they’re comforting—the kind of saucy wings (mild, medium, hot, or BBQ are your options) perfect for drenching in blue cheese. You will need roughly 75 moist towelettes afterward.

You don't technically come to Lung Yai for wings. They’re just an appetizer. But while you're here, Lung Yai's wings are worth getting on the table. They are so crunchy you might scare the person sitting next to you when you take a bite. They also come with a great "Chef's special sauce," which is a sticky and slightly sweet crimson sauce you should absolutely utilize. Order five wings to split with a friend, and you’ll still have room to take on their very good khao soi.

We like Shucker's wings, one of the few wings on this guide that are grilled—not fried—with a very lovely char. But we'll also admit that the best thing about them is that you get to eat them while enjoying a frozen cocktail and a stellar waterfront view, which a great bunch of wings can only enhance. These wings are pretty minimal, with little seasoning and sauce served on the side. But that just means there are no distractions between you and the chicken.

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World Famous House of Mac

Perfect For:Quick Eats


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World Famous House of Mac is another simple but wonderfully executed fried wing. The skin is bubbly and crispy, and their lemon pepper seasoning (our favorite flavor here) just hits all the right notes of (spoiler alert) lemon and pepper. This is another good takeout option, especially if you live close to one of their two locations in North Miami and Wynwood. Also, if you are not lucky enough to know this information yet: wings and mac and cheese make one hell of a combination. And as the name implies, this place makes the latter quite well, too. 

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