Pueblito Viejo

Do you like fried Colombian food? Do you like being roasted in Spanish by two musical comedians in front of an entire restaurant? If you do, then go to Pueblito Viejo on a weekend, and you’ll get both. This place probably has the most bananas interior of any restaurant in Miami. They should put a handrail by the entrance because you’ll want to hold on to something after a dozen stuffed parrots, Mickey Mouse toys, and wax caricatures of Juanes and Celia Cruz greet you. The only thing they’re not willing to suspend from the ceiling is your disbelief in how many mochila bags they can hang from it. The food isn’t the star here—the distractions from it are. You’ll happily munch on crispy chicharrones while guessing how many pennies are glued to the wall of the VIP section and watching folks dance salsa. Pueblito Viejo is campy and not afraid to make fun of itself—or you. Just don't bother trying to hide from the singers. It doesn’t matter where you sit. They have wireless microphones, and they will find you.

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