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Miami Restaurants Selling Groceries And Produce

Save yourself a trip to Publix and buy groceries from these restaurants.

Right now, a trip to a grocery store isn’t the most fun thing in the universe. The lines, crowds, and lack of basically everything is enough to make you want to stay home and live off that semi-stale box of cereal for the next week. Luckily, restaurants and local vendors across Miami have stepped up and become fully functioning marketplaces that serve all the essentials your kitchen badly needs. At the spots on this guide, you’ll find local produce, huge steaks, fresh seafood, and a lot more things to save you from snacking on chewy corn flakes for the next three days.

The Spots

Threefold Cafe

In an effort to help local farmers move their produce, Coral Gables’ Threefold Cafe has set up an online grocery store where you can shop around. They’ve got proteins and grocery baskets great for families as well as fruit and vegetables for sale. Order online for next day pick up. They’ll also deliver between 2 and 8pm.

Proper Sausage is a butcher shop in Miami Shores that we normally hit up for a quick to-go sandwich or barbecue supplies. But now they’ve switched to online orders only and it’s a great choice if you’re running low on meat. Place your order online for next day pick up. Their sausages are outstanding, and they’ve also got some good wine, beer, and pre-made things like bolognese and chili.

If you’re getting something to-go at Boia De (which you definitely should over the next couple weeks), don’t forget to check out their little selection of groceries like mozzarella, chicken stock, eggs, flour, and ice cream. You can browse and order online.

Blue Runner is a seafood truck that sets up at 11338 Biscayne Blvd in North Miami, Tues-Sun from noon-6pm. So it’s not actually a restaurant - but if you’re looking for grocery store alternatives, you should know about this place. Blue Runner sells peel-and-eat shrimp, fillets of local fish, squid, stone crabs, and plenty more seafood options they have written down on a whiteboard. It’s all as fresh as you can get without a fishing pole, and will make you actually look forward to cooking dinner.

The Little Havana spot Edukos has some takeout and delivery options that’ll help stock your kitchen. They’ve got a lot of beer, as well as frozen cook-at-home options like vegan burger patties and buffalo chicken empanadas. You can order through their site.

Babe’s is a butcher shop and market out in Palmetto Bay. It’s not close to central Miami, but if you’re in that area or are slightly bored and feel like taking a drive, the stuff here will be worth the trip. You can order online from their selection of meat, cheese, and more. Also, all of their readymade sandwiches are great - so maybe take one of those home with you too.

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Miami Restaurants Selling Groceries And Produce guide image