Yess Restaurant

Yess used to be a bright orange seafood truck run by the chef behind a popular Japanese spot in London. Now it’s a serious sit-down restaurant in the Arts District with high ceilings, cement walls, and lots of blonde wood. The menu mostly consists of seafood dishes like black miso cod and yellowtail sashimi, plus a few vegan-friendly items like a chirashi bowl tiled with colorful vegetables that look straight from a farm stand. Most of the dining room is taken up by a wraparound bar overlooking an open kitchen, which is where you’ll see chefs in white robes slicing fish with a watchmaker's precision. It’s all very subtle and understated (and expensive), but nothing we ate during our first visit stood out much from LA’s many great Japanese spots and the overall experience feels a bit stiff. We’ll check back soon to see how Yess settles in.