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Pop’s Bagels

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Pop’s Bagels started in 2017 as a catering operation, run out of the owner’s apartment. Then last year, they opened a Smorgasburg stall and began popping up at various coffee shops around town. Now, they have a full shop in the Platform in Culver City. These bagels are super simple, doughy, dense, and very tasty. The bacon and avocado is a favorite of ours - served with your choice of cream cheese (we like the pickled jalapeño, which is full of fatty and spicy flavors, but won’t overpower the bagel beneath). You should also get the What Zach Had For Breakfast, a rotating special involving sweet-and-savory combos like a sesame bagel topped with Santa Barbara Smokehouse lox on one side, and cream cheese and strawberry jam on the other.

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