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42 great pizza spots currently offering delivery or takeout.
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You don’t have to be a character in Eat Pray Love (or a Ninja Turtle) to know how much a pizza can improve your life. And there aren’t many foods better for delivery, either. So while we’re all stuck at home (f*cking again), we wanted to put together a list of local pizza spots that will both help you support local businesses, and improve your night at the same time. Here are some great pizza options for takeout and delivery across Los Angeles.

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You probably have some very fond thoughts about Abbot’s Pizza if you’ve ever lived or worked in Venice (or even if you haven’t). This spot on Abbot Kinney has been around practically since the actual Abbot Kinney was, serving affordable pizzas with excellent bagel-style crusts (meaning you can get them with sesame, poppyseed, or everything toppings). The XL pizzas are big enough for an entire family, so get the spinach, sun-dried tomato, and feta-covered Athens Pie with an everything crust, and enjoy. Potentially for the next two or three days, if you’re alone. Local delivery or pick-up available.

The “Brandoni” behind this Carthay Circle pizza pop-up is Brandon Gray, a chef who used to cook at Providence and Trois Mec. It’s easy to see the fine-dining influences on these excellent pies - you’ll find house-made sausage, triple crème Brie, and Spanish octopus on the menu. Each pie has inventive toppings and firm, blistered crusts, somewhere between a New York slice and a Neapolitan pie. Our favorite of all is the Straight Up Menace (house-made lamb sausage, wild arugula, and spicy pickled peppers). Order via text message - more information here. Plus, be on the lookout for a brick-and-mortar location coming in 2021.

The newest spot on this list, Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co. is a Boyle Heights pie shop serving some wildly innovative pizzas. They’ve got a mole pie with queso Oaxaca and crema, and their veggie pie has olives, red onion, beets, and a crust doused with house pesto. They also support neighborhood organizations like The Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory and C-Cap, a nonprofit that empowers underserved youth through the culinary arts. Available for takeout and delivery.

A classic Eagle Rock spot (and we mean classic, since it opened in 1955), Casa Bianca serves thin-crust, Sicilian-style pies, and while they might not be as adventurous as other places on this list, we don’t need every pizza to involve a thoughtful take on pork belly confit. Which is to say, we’ll never say no to a greasy pie, especially if it’s got Casa Bianca’s incredible house-made sausage on top. Order for pick-up online.

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There’s not a pie we don’t love at Cento Pizzeria, the pop-up cooking every weekend at Tartine Sycamore in Hollywood. These are true Neapolitan-style pies - heavily fermented, blistered, and fluffy sourdough crusts - but the toppings are anything but traditional, from the Green Goddess (salad, green goddess dressing, herbs, red onion, and feta) to the Beef Birria. DM for pick-up - app delivery also available.

Cosa Buona is an Echo Park pizza spot that isn’t doing anything too crazy with their Neapolitan-style, wood-fired pies - which is exactly why we love them. They use straightforward toppings like ricotta and spinach, or sausage and bitter greens that’ll make anyone happy. The crunchy crust is perfect every time, and the garlic-forward sauce is very good, too. Add on some mozz sticks, if you know what’s good for you. Order pick-up or delivery online.

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Where To Get Italian Delivery & Takeout In LA

De La Nonna is a pop-up serving takeout weekly from places like Melody Wine Bar and Weho Night Market. These are unique, focaccia-pizza-hybrids that we really can’t recommend highly enough. The crust is light and airy, and sprinkled with flaky sea salt, and while they don’t overdo it with toppings, you still get plenty of flavor from them. We like their white pie best, with roasted fennel, mozzarella, and dabs of pesto, but the parmesan-heavy pepperoni is also very good. Weekly location info on their Instagram.

Another spot for Neapolitan-style pies, DeSano is an East Hollywood institution you absolutely need to know about. The crust here is thin, chewy, and extremely foldable, and the toppings are all very Italian. The Bianca has mozzarella, pecorino, ricotta, and scamorza, and is great for vegetarians, and the Lasagna pizza (which is exactly what it sounds like) is good if you’re breaking out a few bottles of red wine for this meal. And if you’re wondering if the calzones really could be worth ordering along with pizzas, the answer is yes. Get the Vesuvio - it’s got soppressata, prosciutto, pepperoni, and garlic, and can be cut up and eaten as an appetizer. Order for pick-up online.

Another Venice spot, Double Zero serves vegan pizza that you’ll be happy to be eating. They have a wide variety of nut cheeses that are actually quite good - especially the macadamia ricotta, which you’ll find on the pesto pizza with zucchini and arugula, and the rice mozzarella on the squash blossom and blistered tomato pie. Call (424) 280-4672 for pick-up, or order via apps for delivery.

A to-go-only El Sereno spot operating out of an industrial park, Dough Box is going to be a place you’re very happy you discovered (we’ll even let you take the credit). They serve Chicago-style deep-dish pies that are going to blow your mind - the dough is bread-y, chewy, and delicious, and the surprisingly light cheese complements it very well. The classic Soto is great, but if you’re feeling really bold, get the Broadway - perfectly proportioned amounts of olives, onions, sausage, and cherry peppers on top of a thick layer of cheese. They’re currently renovating their kitchen, but follow them on Instagram for the latest info. Trust us, they’re one worth keeping in mind.

It won’t be easy to get your hands on a pizza from Dough Daddy, but we promise these Detroit-style pies are worth the effort (you should follow them on Instagram and take it from there). Now, about those pies - they’re defined by crispy edges, thick, bread-y crust, about 12 pounds of creamy, salty Wisconsin brick cheese, and messy rows of sweet, fresh tomato sauce (added on top, rather than directly to the dough). Incredible pizza and a sense of accomplishment? Now that’s what we’d call a win/win.

Elio’s is finally back in the Silver Lake parking lot where they debuted last year as one of our favorite new pizza spots. And here’s a shocker: Their pizza truck oven is still making some really great pizzas. The heavily blistered pies are $12 for a personal-sized cheese, plus $1 for each topping - we usually get one with sausage, pepper, and onion, and one with artichoke and basil. Takeout only - order in person.

If you’re looking for late-night delivery on the Eastside, Silver Lake’s Garage Pizza has you covered. But their pizzas aren’t just good when it’s 2am and you have an extremely strong craving for something salty and cheesy (so, you’re high). Regardless of the time of day (or night), no one’s going to be mad about a pie from Garage. They’re absolutely massive, and if thin crust, NY-style pies are your thing, then you’ll be very happy with this pizza. Order online for pick-up.

Great White is a popular Venice spot that’s done it all during quarantine - they started serving the excellent burger from their (for-now) closed sibling bar Gran Blanco, they launched a rotisserie chicken business, and they added a slew of wood-fired pizzas to their menu. From a brunch pie with smoked salmon, red onions, capers, and dill, to the Truffle Fungi with truffles, earthy mushrooms, and a white-wine lemon cream sauce, to, you know, regular pies with cheese and pepperoni, they’ve got something for everyone. Order online for pick-up or app delivery.

After closing down for a bit, Venice’s excellent GTA is back, serving salads, sandwiches, and most importantly, pizzas. The Mushroom with truffle goat cheese is excellent, but our favorite will always be the Lamb Sausage with confit tomato, rapini, mint, and pecorino. Get a chopped kale salad with shaved fennel on the side - not only is it good, but you should definitely be eating more vegetables. Takeout and app delivery available.

A neighborhood spot in Atwater Village with some killer pizzas, Hail Mary has been one of our favorites for a while now. We highly recommend the margherita, the Abbot with Calabrian chilies, porchetta, olives, and mornay, and the spicy Pep Pep, with pork chorizo - but really, everything is good, thanks to their slightly funky sourdough crust. Pick-up only, order online.

You’ve certainly seen the spicy fusilli from Jon & Vinny’s haunting your Instagram feed, but the pizzas from this iconic spot on Fairfax are just as worthy of your attention. We could fill up an entire guide with love letters to their topping combinations, so we’ll keep it short. We love the White Lightning (ricotta, mozzarella, and pickled jalapeno), and the Ham & Yeezy (ham, vodka sauce, and pickled Fresno chilies), and pretty much everything else, too. If you’ve got room, add an order of the meatballs - they’re truly life-changing. Order online for pick-up or delivery.

This Long Beach shop was opened by an owner of Hatchet Hall and the former chef at L&E Oyster, which (not surprisingly) is a winning combo. It has the feel of a casual small-town pizza place, with massive slices you can fold in half, a crispy, oily crust, and toppings that cover all the classics, from pepperoni to sausage to mushrooms. That said, the white pizza - with spinach, ricotta, and mozzarella - is our favorite pie on the menu. Order for pick-up online - app delivery also available.

Pasadena’s Luggage Room Pizzeria serves well-made pies with chewy, slightly funky sourdough crust and innovative toppings. They’ve got options like chorizo and sun-dried tomatoes, and avocado and lemon. But we usually go for the Shattuck Ave, a pie topped with burrata, roasted garlic, and piquillo peppers. Pick up some beer from Stone Brewing next door while you’re at it. Order online for curbside pick-up or delivery.

Echo Park’s tremendous pizza spot Masa is open for takeout and delivery, which is very good news for anyone who needs good deep dish in these dark times. The traditional, with a thin layer of sausage and mushrooms underneath an extremely not-thin layer of mozzarella cheese, is our favorite. Expect to have leftovers - you’re going to be stuffed after one slice.

Milo + Olive’s menu is full of great things (oh hi, garlic knots as addictive as The Undoing). But if you’re going all-in on pizzas, you won’t be disappointed. They’re all around $22, and can feed three easily. Get the pork belly sausage and kale - you’ll never be so happy to be eating kale on pizza. If you’re on the Westside, this is the ideal go-to when you don’t feel like making another overly complicated “30 minute” meal. Order online for pick-up and delivery.



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Ospi, the new Italian spot in Venice, serves some highly distinct tonda-style pizzas, a variety of wafer-thin, shockingly light Roman pies. That means you’re going to have room for a few different ones, which is good news. First, you’ll want a Hapa, their Hawaiian-style pie, which is remarkably well-balanced with salty ground pepperoni, slow-roasted pineapple, and spicy pickled jalapeño. After that, we usually go for the ’nduja and green onions one. Don’t be afraid to drop the extra $8 to make it “Saka-style,” with stracciatella, chopped Calabrian chili, basil - their take on a house ranch dipping sauce. Order online for pick-up or delivery.

Hollywood’s Osteria La Buca is probably best-known for their great pastas, but you’d be remiss to ignore their pizzas. They’ve got a wide range of pies on their menu, and they’re all worth your time. The classic mozzarella, tomato, and basil is good, but our favorite is the housemade sausage, ricotta, and garlic confit one. Order online for pick-up or delivery.

The more casual sibling to Pace, Laurel Canyon’s classic Italian spot, Pace Joint serves affordable wood-fired pizzas that you’ll be extremely happy about. Go for the Mamma G’s (pork sausage and caramelized fennel) or the meatball - both are well-balanced, and loaded with toppings. The pizzas also usually arrive quickly, which makes them perfect for when you need to feed a screaming child (or a screaming significant other). Takeout and delivery available.

The wood-fired pizzas from Pizzana in Brentwood (there’s a location in Weho, too) are neighborhood favorites for a reason: The crust is springy, chewy, and full of flavor, and the toppings are applied with an appropriately heavy hand. You’ll be happy if you go traditional and get a funghi or margherita, but we also endorse trying something different - the basil-breadcrumb-covered Neo is one of our favorites, as is the Cacio E Pepe. They’ve also got some of our favorite gluten-free pies in town. Order online for takeout or delivery.

Even if you’ve only ever had Pizzanista when you’re drunkenly stumbling around the Arts District at midnight on a Saturday, you should still know about it for delivery. They serve whole pies or do by-the-slice, and they’re across-the-board cheesy, greasy, and wonderful. If it’s Sunday, you need to get the vegan mac and cheese pie. It’s entirely too much, and as such, perfect. Order online for pick-up or delivery.

Pizza Sociale is a Downtown LA pizza spot serving blistery Neapolitan-style pies. The owner grew up in Brooklyn, and all their mozzarella is made by New York cheese shop Lioni Latticini for pies like the Mamma Maria with soppressata and shaved parm, a prosciutto and arugula pizza, and an a la vodka. Order delivery and takeout online.

If you live in Weho, Downtown LA, or Burbank, Prime Pizza is an excellent option for quick and reliable pizza delivery. The pies are massive, affordable, and simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re not also great. The pepperoni is one of our favorites - the inch-wide slices curl up and get crispy, with tiny little pools of grease inside (just how we like it). Pick-up and delivery (including free local delivery) available online.

Provami, the pizza spot on Melrose in Weho, serves reliably good Neapolitan-style pies for delivery and pick-up. They use high-quality toppings, and the crust is chewy, with some really good char from the wood-fired oven. Our favorite pie here is the Provami Signature - it’s a sort of pizza-calzone, with a layer of dough sealing in the ricotta and salami inside. Delivery only.

LA’s outpost of the famous Brooklyn pizza spot, Roberta’s is an ideal way to end a long day of getting in arguments with your cat because you’re not used to spending so much time together. This Culver City spot serves tremendous wood-fired pizzas - the iconic Bee Sting (with soppressata, basil, chile, and honey) is excellent, as is the Cheesus Christ (mozzarella, taleggio, parm, black pepper, and cream). You can order delivery or pick-up on most apps, or through the online Platform Drive-Through, where you can also get food, groceries, and sundries from several of Roberta’s neighbors.

Ronan is a fun Weho pizza spot with innovative pies to match, and those pies translate just as well to your living room (especially if you add in a couple bottles of wine). The Sweet Cheeks is our favorite - this guanciale and ricotta-topped pie is sweet, spicy, and perfect. But that doesn’t mean the simple margherita isn’t also great - the red sauce, mozzarella, and basil are perfectly ratioed on every bite. And they’re offering 10% off curbside pickup, if you call instead of ordering delivery.

El Segundo Brewing Company’s neighborhood pizza spot Slice & Pint is open for pizza and beer just off Main St. in El Segundo. We love the pan pizzas here, which are thick, doughy, and buttery, but regardless of what style of pie you get, they’ve got some really innovative toppings. The Crowntown (arugula, prosciutto, garlic, and Calabrian chili) and the pineapple-and-Spam-covered Rob’s In Maui are our favorites. Get some cheesy bread and a couple crowlers of beer (brewed across the street) while you’re at it. Available for pick-up.

South End is the kind of place you’ll want to keep as a secret for yourself, but in reality, the pies are just too good not to share with your friends. This spot in Venice serves Neapolitan-style pizzas with crunchy-but-chewy crusts that are blackened in spots, giving them a great charred flavor from the oven. We also appreciate that they’re not so overloaded with toppings so the crust can shine. Get the Boardwalk (mushroom, speck, arugula, and egg) or the meat-loaded District 11. Order online for pick-up.

Another tiny spot that’s basically just a to-go window, Superfine in Downtown LA serves a short menu of innovative and excellent pies that are big enough to feed a crowd, yet light enough that you won’t need a nap once you finish eating. The pies cover a wide spectrum of flavors, from the rich, salty and vinegar-y Vegan (really - it’s great) with tomato, garlic, capers, and olives, to the sweet, spicy, and nutty salami and honey pizza. Order online for pick-up and delivery.

Tar & Roses is a Santa Monica institution known for their excellent, eclectic menu involving oxtail dumplings and charred octopus skewers. But they also recently debuted a pizza menu, where you’ll find some innovative pies topped with things like confit duck and hoisin, green onions, and cilantro, or clam, lemon zest, and ricotta cream sauce. They’re also offering any of their pies as a combo with a bottle “pizza juice” - a.k.a. red wine or rosé - for $40. Order online for delivery or pick-up.

You probably know about Tartine’s excellent sourdough bread, but you might not have heard about their pizza yet - it’s time to change that. Served at their Silver Lake and Sycamore locations, these pies have a brilliantly funky, fluffy sourdough crust, and are topped with high-quality toppings like house-made mozzarella or beautifully salty boquerones. Order for pick-up or delivery online.

Triple Beam is one of the most affordable options on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also fantastic. This spot on Figueroa in Highland Park (with a second location on Sunset in Echo Park) serves excellent, Roman-style pizzas. In person, that means they cut slices for you, but when it comes to delivery, that means you order half or full pies for two or four. Our favorites are the acorn squash with cacio de Roma, and the shallot and mushroom. The pies are light but extremely filling. Make sure to get some house-baked focaccia, too. Order pick-up or delivery online.

Vincenti in Brentwood is another spot that doesn’t usually do pizza, but during quarantine, they’ve got it. The toppings are extremely Italian - like carciofi, burrata, zucchini, e prosciutto crudo (and that’s just on one pizza). They even make their own sausage for the potato, onion, and porcini pie. Monday-Saturday only, for delivery or pick-up.

Wood is an underrated spot on Sunset in Silver Lake, serving crowd-pleasing, Neapolitan-style pies. Our favorites are the sausage and rapini and the four cheese with truffles. They’ve also got really good wine-and-pizza specials. Call to order - (323) 667-9940.

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