La Mayordomía

This market and eatery located in South Central is Expresión Oaxaqueña’s sister location, and currently offers a wide selection of Oaxacan chocolate, meats, imported cheeses, baked goods, and fresh produce. The shop’s long wall of pastry cases is usually enough to keep us transfixed for a solid 10 minutes, but their food is equally terrific. While both the tlayuda tortilla and bean paste recipe are the same as the ones found at Expresión Oaxaqueña, La Mayordomía offers the option to include chapulines (aka grasshoppers) or moronga as additional toppings. The latter is a delicious Oaxacan blood sausage that’s minced and cooked before generously topping a fully-loaded tlayuda.

La Mayordomía review image

photo credit: Andrea D'Agosto

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