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Jon & Vinny’s

We’re not sure we would have picked Brentwood for Jon & Vinny’s second location, but now that it’s happened, it makes perfect sense. This is a neighborhood that loves Italian food (there are at least eight more Italian restaurants along San Vicente), and also wishes it was a bit cooler, and Jon & Vinny’s Italian-American classics are absolutely cool. And as they’ve come west, they’ve barely lost a beat. The space has the same Swedish sauna look, but bigger, and the menu is unchanged. And everyone within a five-mile radius is lapping it up - at 2pm on a Wednesday it’s full of ladies ordering salads with a side of pasta, and studio executives ordering multiple pizzas. Some things - the pizzas in particular - weren’t quite as good as they are at Fairfax, but we suspect that won’t stop anyone from visiting.

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