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Haché LA

Burgers in Silver Lake


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Arguing about “the best burger in LA” always goes pretty much the same way. The rich guy talks Comme Ça. The boring people talk Stout or Golden State. And then the idiot brings up In n’ Out, to which everyone rolls their eyes. And then he protests: “But it’s $6.” And everyone has to give him that. It is $6.

Time to shut the idiot up. Haché LA serves the best $6 burger in Los Angeles, but it also challenges to be one of the hands down best burgers in LA. Committed to freshness, Mick Schepers brings his big buzz Orange County burgers to Silver Lake. Rules abound. Every patty has been fresh ground within 4 hours of cooking. They’ve been formed within the last 30 minutes. Toss the patty on an out-of-this-world brioche bun with a surprisingly conventional set of toppings, and you have a damn near perfect burger.

Nestled along Sunset Blvd, this patio space is cozy and inviting. Despite the price and the menu (you know, burgers and fries), this isn’t fast food and the space makes sure you know it. We may not be ready to deem this the best burger in LA, as there are probably many, many kobe beef, gold plated whatevers that are probably pretty damn delicious. But if we're at a place charging $40 for a burger, we're going to order something better than the burger. Haché LA is making burgers for folks wanting a burger. And they just may be the best in that game today.

Food Rundown

Karma Burger

The classic burger. American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and karma sauce on a brioche bun. Word for word reaction to our first bite: “Oh what the fck!” We meant that in a good way.

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Habanero Burger

As spicy as it is delicious. And it’s really delicious. Have a large glass of the strawberry-basil lemonade ready.

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Triple cooked (twice fried) potatoes. Crispy and light. The portion was pretty small, or maybe we are just greedy for more of these delicious fries. Either way, we were left wanting more.

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