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Were the Barenaked Ladies right? Has it all really been done before?

When Stout opened its doors on the chronically overhauled Cahuenga Boulevard strip, you could hear a collective groan ripple through Hollywood. Another remedial beer and burger joint with sports on the TV and late night fist-fights on the sidewalk. Hooray.

Well, not quite.

Instead, Stout has turned into as close to a Hollywood staple as it gets. Is there anything particularly groundbreaking about Stout? No. And that’s the beauty of it. Stout’s creators simply took the age-old local pub formula and executed it with perfect precision. The welcoming, wall-less space spills out onto Cahuenga, connecting it seamlessly with the neighborhood and allowing every passerby to take notice. Their craft beer offerings are some of the best in Hollywood and the half-off happy hour is almost legendary at this point.

But make no doubt about it, you come to Stout for the burgers. With only about 10 offerings to choose from, the menu is concise but well-balanced. Don’t eat meat? Fear not. There's a quinoa burger. And you better be planning on ordering those onion rings because THEY. ARE. SPECIAL. Oh did we mention they’re open till 4am every day of the week?

Above all, Stout is consistent. It’s good burgers at good prices with that classy/casual vibe you always want and can never find.

Maybe it has all been done before, but Stout’s still doing it better than most.

Food Rundown

Stout Burger

The namesake burger is often times the most underwhelming, but not the case at Stout. Topped with blue cheese, gruyere, bacon, caramelized onions, horseradish, and roasted tomatoes, this is without question the most action-packed burger on the menu and you better not hesitate to order it.

The Morning After

Rosemary bacon, egg over easy, and chipotle ketchup. Despite its name, you can eat this any time of the day you want. But 2am-4am is generally ideal.

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Onion Rings

Onion rings often tend to be one of those things that taste good until they don’t, but Stout’s onion rings ALWAYS taste good. These babies are golden brown and enormous and dare we say one of the best in town.

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Six Weeker

Absolutely one of our favorites. With brie, fig jam, and caramelized onions it's not hard to see why this guy separates itself from the pack.

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It’s all about the chutney mayo here and how perfectly it goes with Stout’s fantastic quinoa patty. Topped off with a little kick from the arugula, who said meatless food was boring?

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Topped with parmesan flakes, smoked Mozzarella, and crispy prosciutto (which acts almost as bacon here) this is salty, savory goodness.

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