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Fisherman's Outlet

Fisherman’s Outlet is a cool little seafood shack on the edge of Downtown LA. Established in 1961 (and officially recognized as a Downtown Landmark Restaurant by the city), it’s one of those places that feels like a rare find in Los Angeles, with a spacious outdoor patio, lots of red beach umbrellas, and a clientele that brings together construction workers on their lunch breaks with families grabbing something to eat. In other words, there’s no annoying scene here, just a counter full of raw crustaceans and a menu filled with solid New England-style seafood.

There are fried catfish strips, charbroiled mahi-mahi, lobster tails cooked-to-order, and a clam chowder that’s actually thick and creamy, unlike that watered-down can of Campbell’s sitting in your pantry. No offense to Campbell’s. Plus, a little further back, you’ll find an entire seafood counter where you can place orders by the pound, filled with everything you need for a feast under the sea, like prawns, scallops, and tuna filets.

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