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Jakob Layman


Written by
Jakob Layman

It’s no secret LA has more great Mexican restaurants than it knows what to do with. And as different as they all are, they tend to have one thing in common - variety. Whether it’s mole chicken or lamb neck tamales or your good old fashioned enchilada combo, you can really get any kind of meal you want at many of the Mexican spots around town. Coni’Seafood is most certainly a great Mexican restaurant, but unlike the others, they focus on one thing only: seafood. And you better come ready to eat it.

Located in south Inglewood, Coni’Seafood might take a bit of a drive to get to. But if you’re ready to have your mind blown by what might be the best Mexican seafood in Los Angeles, get in your car now and go.

Once you arrive, you’ll find a place you’ll want to come back to even before you start eating the food. The bright, modern interior feels like something you’d be likely to find off Sunset, and the big back patio is packed from lunch till dinner.

Jakob Layman

Flipping open the menu, it doesn’t take long to notice Coni’Seafood’s fixation with shrimp - the ocean’s littlest friend takes up about two-thirds of the menu. There’s the ceviche marino, which is essentially raw shrimp in lemon juice with some chopped onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. There are also aguachiles (full shrimp hanging out in a plate of green sauce like it’s a Lake Tahoe hot tub) and camarones al mojo de ajo, where they’re cooked in a butter and garlic sauce. All these dishes are very different, but similar in one regard - they’re simple: two or three ingredients each, and they let the shrimp do the rest. There are other excellent dishes, like the marlin tacos (easily a Top 5 taco in the city) and the grilled snook (which is also a fish and flaky and delicious) that takes over half an hour to make, but the theme stays the same - fantastic, simple seafood that doesn’t need to cover anything up.

Come here on a lazy Saturday afternoon when you’re tired of your same old brunch spot or during a “sick” day when you’re actually just showing your friend around town before dropping them off at the airport. Mexican seafood might not be the first thing you start craving every night, but after one visit to Coni’Seafood, you realize quickly how much you’ve been missing.

Food Rundown

House Salsa

This baby comes free with chips the second you sit down and it is no joke. Made with serrano chiles, it’s got a kick that will linger - and you want that while eating seafood. This is definitely one of the best house salsas in LA, and that statement should not be taken lightly.

Jakob Layman
Marlin Tacos

Light and simple with just a little cheese, these guys are phenomenal and worth the drive alone.

Jakob Layman
Ceviche Marinero

A mountain of raw diced shrimp mixed with lemon juice, cucumber, cilantro, tomato, and onion. It’s simple, but the quality of the shrimp itself makes it a must-order for the table.

Jakob Layman

Arriving to your table with the shrimps full-bodied and eyes open, this dish is visually a lot to process. But it's actually pretty straightforward - large, super fresh shrimp bathing in a lime sauce with cucumbers - and it’s delicious.

Jakob Layman
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajo

You’ll see quickly that Coni’Seafood has all sorts of cooked shrimp dishes that vary only by their seasonings. While it’s hard to go wrong with any of them, our move is the mojo de ajo, which is essentially just butter and garlic. It’s a nice break from the other, more citrusy dishes.

Jakob Layman
Pescado Zarandeado

This is Coni’Seafood’s piece de resistance and rightfully so. There’s a reason you’ve probably never heard of snook before (let alone seen it on a menu), and that’s because (according to our waiter), it’s extremely difficult to make. Good news: the Coni’Seafood crew has figured it out. It’s salty, flaky perfection and the triple-spicy guacamole served on the side is outrageous.

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