Cosa Buona

LA’s pizza problem is not that we don’t have any. The problem is that most of our good pizza lives in either high-end restaurants where you’ll pay $75 a head, or hyper-popular places you can’t get into for another two weeks. It’s tough to find good, casual, walk-in neighborhood pizzerias in this town, but Cosa Buona is an excellent example of one.

By neighborhood pizzeria, we mean the kind of spot that, no matter what day of the week it is, you know you can roll in with a few friends, get a table, drink some beer, and eat pizza until you can’t see. And that’s what Cosa Buona is. Don’t be fooled by its pedigree (it’s run by the Alimento crew) - this tiny spot on a corner in Echo Park is very low-key. It feels like the kind of place 90’s sitcom characters congregate at the end of every episode to talk about their week. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to find Corey and Topanga huddled in a back booth, but you will find the rest of neighborhood here, enjoying a menu that goes far beyond just some solid pizza.

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photo credit: Jakob Layman

You can go to Cosa Buona, order a sausage or margherita pie, and walk out pleased with your evening. However, some of the best things here are in the appetizer section, and ordering them is an absolute requirement. The meatballs, with toasted focaccia and a tennis ball-sized dollop of burrata, are fantastic. The spicy potatoes diavola are covered in Italian fire and are ideal for passing around the table. But the real crown jewel of the appetizers, and probably the whole menu, are the housemade mozzarella sticks - perfect, deep-fried mozzarella accompanied by a marinara sauce for aggressive dipping. You won’t have felt this alive since Kevin McCormick’s 7th grade sleepover.

There’s nothing wrong with good pizza in big, fancy restaurants. However, there is something wrong when there’s not enough bad pizza at the casual spots. Cosa Buona is here to change that with fantastic, affordable food, and a space you don’t have to sell your soul (or entire night) to get into. Corey and Topanga will be in after the final bell.

Food Rundown

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photo credit: Jakob Layman

Mozzarella Sticks

Sweet middle school magic. Time to clear out the frozen ones we know you have in your freezer. Once you try these, there’s no going back.

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photo credit: Jakob Layman


These manage to basically dissolve in your mouth while also not crumbling into a million pieces on your plate. We don’t know how they do it, but we respect the process.

Spicy Potatoes Diavola

Fingerling potatoes laced with Italian spices for a kick at the end that’s very real. Ideal for passing around the table, and praying they make it back to you before they’re gone.

Chopped Salad

Best chopped salad in LA? No. But it’s also massive and easily shareable for the table. It’s worth ordering.

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photo credit: Jakob Layman

Sausage Pizza

Topped with mozzarella, mustard greens, and chilis, this is our favorite pizza at Cosa Buona. It’s slightly spicy, a little bitter, and very delicious.

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photo credit: Stan Lee

Pepperoni Pizza

If this feels like a boring pick, think again. The pepperoni is a house specialty at Cosa Buona and you should definitely be ordering it.

Cookies And Cream Semifreddo Pie

Whatever you do, save room for this. It’s definitely made in-house, but this giant slice of chocolate pie tastes like the most glorious grocery store cake in existence. And that’s the highest form of compliment we can give.

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