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Where To Pick Up Food For A Super Bowl Party In LA

Seven places guaranteed to make this year's Super Bowl party a success.

The Super Bowl is upon us, and that means big halftime stunts, tear-jerking commercials, and secretly googling “How does football work?” midway through the first quarter. But for many Angelenos, this year is extra special, because not only are the Rams in the Super Bowl, but the Super Bowl itself is being played right here in Los Angeles. And that’s cause for celebration—regardless if you know what a first down is or not. 

It also means that if you’re hosting, it’s time to take things up a notch. No more putting out a bowl of chips and salsa and some Bagel Bites and calling it a day. This year, do something a bit more special. From fancy cheese shops to BBQ institutions, here are seven spots that’ll make your party the one people are still talking about next year.


Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ

If BBQ is the kind of spread you’re envisioning this Sunday, you have no shortage of excellent spots to choose from in LA these days. That said, our pick for a casual viewing party is Dr. Hogly Wogly’s. This 50-year-old Van Nuys institution serves delicious, old-school BBQ that’ll get everybody off the couch during time outs and keeps them quiet so you can actually hear the commercials. Their famous BBQ sauce is a perfect blend of sweet and smoky, and if someone told us the spare ribs were actually excavated from a T-Rex, we would believe them—they’re that big. All their smoked meats are available a la carte or you can do specialty platters with various sides. For takeout, place your order here

Reminder: Your elderly cat, Earnest, isn’t the only fancy boi in the house, and that’s why you should forego the jalapeño poppers this year, and do a gorgeous cheese and charcuterie board from The Cheese Shore of Beverly Hills instead. Open since 1967, this BH institution is stocked with 300-500 different types of cheese (depending on the time of year), plus tons of wines, charcuterie, caviar, and truffles—many of which are sourced from local California purveyors. If you don’t want to be straddled with all the decisions though, just order one of their party trays, which range from $70-$500 depending on the size of your group. 

Everybody knows that the most important food group on Super Bowl Sunday is the chicken wing. It also means that, as host, you need to serve the most delicious version possible. Head to Maple Block for guaranteed success. The Culver City BBQ spot has solid smoked meats across-the-board, but their chicken wings are something special. They’re hefty, smokey, and make you realize most versions out there don’t have any meat on them at all. Maple Block also has a special “Super Bowl” section of their menu right now, where you can order boxes of either 30, 50, 75, or 100 wings. 

Standing's Butchery

Putting out a nice meat spread for everybody is one thing, but grilling it all in the backyard (congrats on the digs) is elevating yourself to Big Game Royalty. LA is full of great butcher shops, but few places beat the quality of meats coming out of Standing’s. The Melrose butcher shop specializes in ethically sourced, sustainable meat and poultry, and the taste speaks for itself. Outside of regular cuts, Standing’s also sells burger patties, meatballs, skewers, and a rotating list of housemade sausages that range from fennel and hot honey to cashew chicken. Local delivery is available, but we recommend paying them a visit to ensure you get the best cuts of the day.  

Similarly, if you plan to cook on Sunday, but with a more seafood-focused menu, head to Fish King. The Hawaiian market in Glendale specializes in sushi-grade and line-caught fish, like hamachi, ahi, albacore, and Scottish salmon, and also has nori and sushi rice if you want to send your guests for a loop with a build-your-own sushi roll station. Check out their [website] for the day’s selection, which usually includes over 75 seafood options ranging from jumbo shrimp and mahi mahi filets to live oysters. 

Few people are going to complain about your gameday hosting skills if there’s a giant tray of mozzarella sticks on the table—which is why you need to go to Cosa Buona. That’s right, skip the frozen bag buried deep in your freezer (we all know it’s there) and head to this neighborhood Italian spot in Echo Park for the best house-made mozz sticks in the city. You can order them a la carte off the regular menu, but if you’re expecting a good-sized crowd, head to the catering menu where you can buy for parties of four to 14 people. While you’re at it, throw in a few perfectly-charred wood-fired pizzas as well. 

Dessert can be a tricky thing to pull off during a Super Bowl party. Half your guests will lose interest after the halftime show, while the other will be passed out on the couch by the 4th quarter. Want to know how to keep everybody around and upright? Put out a giant tray of Giovanni’s Tiramisu. This delivery-only service is run by a 73-year-old Italian man who hand-bakes each order and then might even deliver it himself to your doorstep. It’s a truly magical experience and one that’s only elevated by the tiramisu, which for us, is the best we’ve eaten outside Italy. Orders can be placed on-line or by calling 818-481-3503. 

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Where To Pick Up Food For A Super Bowl Party In LA guide image