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“I’m so fancy. You already know…”

I know very, very little about the words I just typed, except that they are lyrics from a song by Iggy Azalea who is considered “sexy” and “probably not that talented.” Now I’m not one to dump on a relatively destructive pop star's talent, because in my book, simply getting to the point where I know your name is accomplishment enough. And I also do know that she is fancy. Because she just told us that.

Maybe it’s the lyrics to this song, or maybe it’s the fact that my girlfriend insisted that Iggy was sitting at the table next to us, but it became a pretty fitting comparison for AOC. AOC is fancy. AOC is sexy. And AOC has a lot of famous friends who can drop by and make the experience just that much better.

Considering we’ve built this entire site around our Perfect For sections, it’s obvious that we love a restaurant with a purpose. AOC has purpose. AOC is there to get you laid. In fact, if you take a date to AOC and you DON’T get laid, that’s 1000% on you. You should probably give dating a rest for a bit, do the whole eat-pray-love thing, and then try again in a few years. Because you’re not doing it right.

While there’s not a bad seat in this immensely romantic restaurant, you’ll be happy to find yourself on the patio, with enough ivy and Juliet balconies to make a Frenchman nod, almost approvingly. The wine list is impeccable and the staff knowledgeable. And for the food? Well, it’s refined. It’s good. Very good, in many cases. We’re not going to go as far as saying AOC has the best food in town, but they’ve certainly earned their way into the conversation. On the other hand, you came here to see Iggy. And to get laid. And eating excellent food is just one hell of a plus.

But you should already know that.

Food Rundown

Bacon-Wrapped Dates, Parmesan

Definitely the can’t-miss appetizer on the menu. While other iterations prefer a stronger cheese (usually goat), the parmesan gives a more subtle, and yes, refined taste to it. It all works quite well.

Brioche, Prosciutto, Gruyere, Egg

A comically-large small plate, this is Breakfast For Dinner 101. Salty, gooey, and delicious. Avocado toast can have fun at spin class. This thing is here to soak up wine glass #4.

Spanish-Fried Chicken

A crowd-favorite, there’s no questioning the chicken itself. These are crispy bites of perfection. However, the accompanying sauce felt like a classed up honey-mustard sauce. And by classed up, we mean watered down. But despite that, the chicken without the sauce remains a must-order.

Pork Cheeks

The table was fairly split on this dish, with the texture a bit fatty and the seasoning a little light for some. However, if you’re looking for a nice, fatty pork cheek you could do worse than this one. And hey, more for us, you know?

Hanger Steak

A steak so rare that you’ll be tempted to call Animal Control to come out to the restaurant and try this steak because it’s so good. A simple preparation with Roquefort butter and shallot rings lets the beef shine. You’ll want to try this one.

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