Wolkite Kitfo Restaurant & Cafe

Grumbles about quality and consistency are regularly in the air around the Emirates Stadium, but savvy Arsenal fans should know that they can always find both at Wolkite. The Ethiopian spot is part of a low-profile parade on Hornsey Road that’s easy to stroll past—especially if you’re part of a 60,000 strong crowd on match day—but this is a north London restaurant everyone should be seeking out. It specialises in kitfo, an Ethiopian dish of raw minced beef mixed with warm spiced butter and seasoned with mitmita (chilli powder), that’s a complete joy to scoop with injera and stuff in your mouth. As with a majority of Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants, the menu suits all diets and is most thrilling when there's a few of you at the table to get involved. That said, it’s the beef and lamb dishes that have us coming back. The godin tibs, sizzling lamb ribs with crisply rendered fat is superb, especially with a few spoonfuls of spicy awaze sauce and a cold bottle of St. George. Guaranteed wins aren’t a given around this area, but Wolkite is certainly one of them.

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