Pizzeria Pappagone Sud

When we visited Pizzeria Pappagone Sud, there were three rounds of 'happy birthday' within 10 minutes of each other at this chaotic and charmingly rough-around-the-edges Italian spot in Elephant and Castle. Groups fill the back area and the rest is filled with whoever happened to walk by and got a whiff of basil and freshly baked pizza dough. You can depend on a lively atmosphere, whether it’s a Wednesday or Saturday night, and saucy pizzas with chewy crusts. Our go-to pasta is the mushroom-stuffed tortelloni with a creamy truffle sauce that’s great for dipping any leftover crusts in. The pizzas won’t blow you away but are solid. It’s the kind of place to have in your back pocket when you’re moving with a big group so you know everyone will find something to eat.