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Remember the last time you read a good book?

Not just a short story or a long read, but a really, really good novel? One that had you completely immersed in a character, a story or a place that you never wanted to leave? The kind of book that made you gladly cancel social engagements, skip dinner, and stay up until the crack of dawn to find out what happens to the protagonist and his daughter, only to fall asleep for a few hours and then wake up to pick up right where you left off? Us either. Most of the reading we do is either in the loo or on a menu.

That said, a visit to Noble Rot is the restaurant version of being completely immersed in a good novel.

This wine bar and restaurant sits on one of the prettiest streets in London, and a visit here feels like the volume has been turned down on the rest of the city. Noble Rot is the kind of place you show up to for a drink after work, and end up so engrossed in the experience that you walk out at midnight after a full, wine-fueled dinner.

Much like any good book, Noble Rot has a clear beginning, middle, and end, starting as a wine merchant’s publication, developing into a popular wine bar, and ultimately becoming one of this city’s very best restaurants. The menu of British dishes and service are stellar, and a visit for a drink and some excellent bread is as much of a pleasure as making a night of it. Whether it’s the beautiful glasses your wine will be poured in or the prints of past Noble Rot magazine covers, all the details here add up.

Ultimately, Noble Rot is storytime for adults, and it will completely suck you in. Just keep reading, and be glad that there’s plenty of wine.

Food Rundown

Bread Basket

This is an essential order, whether you’re stopping for a drink at the bar, or starting something beautiful in the main restaurant. The focaccia, in particular, is one of the best examples we’ve tried.

Slip Sole And Smoked Butter

The menu at Noble Rot has had input by the team at the legendary Sportsman gastropub on the Kent coast (one of the best restaurants in the UK). This is their signature dish, a small Dover sole cooked with a subtle smoked butter - it’s an interesting and tasty way to ease into the meal.

Smoked Eel On Toast

This is almost as good as the phenomenal version at Soho restaurant Quo Vadis, and we wouldn’t advise sharing it with anyone.

Braised Cuttlefish Risotto With Gremolata

Risottos are often an afterthought at most restaurants. Not here, where the rich, creamy rice gets tender cuttlefish and a sweet and sharp gremolata to cut the richness.

Raw Hereford Beef, Jerusalem Artichoke, And Pickled Walnut

This reminds us of a cross between a carpaccio and a classic steak tartare. It’s a simple dish and a stunner owing to the quality of the beef they use.

Gnocchi, Chestnut Mushrooms, Peas, And Ricotta

Can we sleep on these please?

Roast Challans Duck and Turnip

A properly roast duck is a beautiful thing, and you can order Noble Rot’s with the confidence that it’ll be one of the best ones you’ve tried.

Braised Cornish Turbot, Watercress, And Alsace Bacon

A fish dish that’s as easily as good as any meat dish on the menu. If you like simple, clean flavours, you’ll love this.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A lighter version than the ones you may have tried, but still very good, and a nice way to round off a classy evening of excess.

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