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If you’ve ever thought, hey, someone should open a serious sushi restaurant inside a Georgian townhouse, you’ll find exactly that at Dinings. A dedicated sushi counter’s been shoehorned inside what would be the hallway, and there’s a pokey sit-down restaurant downstairs. It isn’t the most comfortable place to sit, but it’s worth the trouble for both classics and new-school dishes very well. The lunchtime-only chirashi is a great deal, as is the 10-piece omakase sushi, where you’ll find the best stuff mixed in for the relative bargain of £38. For dinner, Dinings is definitely one for the sushi enthusiasts—once you factor in a few rounds of tar-tar chips, a mixture of hot and cold tapas, some sushi, and a selection of their signature open rolls, an extremely serious bill can rack up very, very quickly.

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Where To Eat Sushi In London

Food Rundown

Cold Tapas

Despite their insistence on calling sashimi ‘tapas’, we’ll let it slide when they taste this good.

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Sea Bass Carpaccio

Probably the most fancy thing you’ll ever order while being sat at a bar. It’s already pretty extravagant, but the truffles and ponzu jelly just push the whole thing over the top.

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Tar Tar Chips

Kind of like fine sashimi on top of rice tacos. The crunch is a nice variation on a regular piece of nigiri.

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Double Crab Roll

The cooks take a sushi roll filled with soft white crab meat and then drape fried soft shell crab all over it. Yes, it’s really good, and no, you shouldn’t share it.

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Sushi Mori

Freaked out about the foie gras, baby dill, and other weird European things on your perfect raw fish? Get the nigiri set, it’s up there with some of the best you can get in London.

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Chirashi Sushi

If you don’t want to drop a ton of money on dinner here, the lunch-only chirashi set is the best we’ve tried in town, and a bargain at £28. You’ll be glad to know that they don’t skimp on the good stuff, either.

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