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Adulis review image

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A spacious Eritrean restaurant on Brixton Road serving platters of excellent homely vegan stews and meats.

Vine Bar review image

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Vine Bar

A romantic little restaurant and deli in St George’s Wharf Vauxhall serving some tasty Italian classics.

7 Great Things To Eat In (& Around) Vauxhall guide image

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7 Great Things To Eat In (& Around) Vauxhall

From a pasta spot near the river, to Korean fried chicken that gives crunchy a whole new meaning, these are some excellent places to eat around SW8.

Italo review image

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A coffee shop and deli serving excellent lunches and Italian produce in Vauxhall.

Daebak review image

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Daebak is a laid-back Korean spot in Vauxhall serving udon, bulgogi, and must-try Korean fried chicken.

Vauxhall Food & Beer Garden review image

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Vauxhall Food & Beer Garden

A huge open-air beer garden under the Vauxhall train arches with food vendors, a bar, and a DJ.

Darby’s review image

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Darby’s is a slick Irish and American influenced restaurant in Vauxhall with a roomy space, and food that will neither delight or disappoint you.