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The Best Breakfast Spots In Las Vegas

It’s the most important meal of the day (or night). Here’s where to do it right.

Can we let you in on a secret? We’ll take a simple Las Vegas breakfast over brunch any day. But before you start composing an angry email defending the world of mimosas and burgers, hear us out. You won’t have to wait two hours for a table, the service is far less hectic, and you’ll usually be surrounded by calm, caffeinated people instead of hungover and irritable tourists who might've lost thousands of dollars last night.

If you’re scheduling a morning meeting, want something different than your hotel buffet, or just need to refuel with a heaping plate of eggs after a big night out, head to one of these spots. Most of these places are open on the weekends, but if you’re specifically looking for the best brunch restaurants, we’ve got a guide for that too.


Siegel’s Bagelmania

If you’ve ever come to Vegas for work, you know how hard it can be to get a meal in, especially when you’re swamped with meetings, convention walks, and everything in between. Before too much chaos ensues, head to this remodeled diner/deli right on Convention Center Drive.

The large dining space and patio provide enough room for breakfast or lunch meals that turn into meetings, while the efficient takeout operation lets you grab a bagelwich or hot pastrami on rye to get you through the day. If you need a little sugar buzz to get you to dinner, try the Black and White Shake topped with a classic black and white cookie.

There are very few guarantees in Las Vegas, but something you can always count on is that breakfast at Bouchon will be the best of your trip. And even though it's more casual than The French Laundry, you’re still going to spend a lot (think a barebones minimum of $50 per person). It’s great for large groups that want to start the day on a high note before your friends start throwing back shots of tequila. Even though the menu is classic French, make sure you order the merguez hash or at least get a plate of it to share.

“Grand” is an understatement to describe the Vegas outpost of this NYC spot. The massive, sunny European bistro is the perfect place to debrief on the night before while you stare at the view of the gardens and contemplate which gigantic seafood and bagel tower to order. The house salmon is a classic, the bruleed grapefruit cocktail will make you want to buy a blowtorch, and if you’re really looking to ball out, you should add trout roe or caviar to your soft scrambled eggs. No matter what, don’t forget to buy some sticky buns from the to-go cart up front.

You won’t be the first person to walk into The Bagel Cafe, see the deli counter and pastry cases, and forget that you came here for bagels. But that distraction (and temptation) won’t last long when the host seats you at a table and you look at the menu printed as a newspaper. Get any of the 20 different types of freshly baked bagels at this New York-inspired cafe paired with one of their spreads or as an egg sandwich—just make sure you get at least one order of potato pancakes for the table. It’s the ideal place to bring a group of friends together to complain about the heat and start planning the day.

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The Best Restaurants In Las Vegas

Remember the joy you’d get as a child when you’d pass by a donut shop and see the neon “hot” sign glowing? That sign never disappointed, unlike your parents as they continued driving to your soccer practice. The Henry, located in The Cosmopolitan and open from 12am-2pm, can help you recapture that feeling of excitement. Get the made-to-order beignets with fresh lemon curd and the warm donuts with candied bacon, peanut butter glaze, and banana pudding dipping sauce.

When you want to eat somewhere that will look nice in your inevitable Vegas photo dump, Cafe Breizh, an all-white, bright French cafe in Spring Valley (an area west of the Strip) is where you should go. It’s known for its long list of pastries (get the almond croissant and nutella brioche) and crepes, but if it’s a different kind of morning and you just finished hiking at Red Rock, you can come here for a lighter breakfast, too.

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The Hit List: New Las Vegas Restaurants To Try Right Now

We know that you were assigned to read The Count of Monte Cristo at some point in your life. We also know you probably never finished it and somehow passed the test by only watching the movie. We’re not entirely sure what the book and a ham and cheese french toast sandwich have to do with each other, but we do know that you can make up for your childhood laziness by ordering one at The Cracked Egg.

There are five locations and they all feel super familiar, probably because they look like every comfortable diner you’ve ever been to and have menus of breakfast classics to match. As an added bonus, this location has an outdoor patio, too.

Bringing your friends somewhere called Eggslut might be met with more confused looks than that time you picked an Airbnb with a chicken coop in the backyard. But once you go to the second floor of The Cosmopolitan and your friends see the line that has now reached the elevator, they’ll begin to take you and your decision-making skills more seriously.

You can’t go wrong with any of the egg sandwiches on the menu, but we almost always go with the Fairfax. It has caramelized onions and Sriracha mayo, and is the type of recommendation that will have you back in charge of the hotel reservations in no time.

Nowadays, seeing chicken and waffles on a menu is as common as getting an Instagram ad for that thing you were just googling. But Gritz Cafe is a reminder of how good this dish can be—though their menu covers a lot more ground, with things like po’boys, grits, and hot-link omelets. When you need to feel like you’re not in Vegas for an hour or two, head here for the large portions, kind service, and food you usually find on a different coast.

This lounge on the Strip is always packed, and once you and your friends endure the inevitable 20-minute wait and see the massive plates of food pass you by, you’ll begin to understand why. The all-day breakfast menu can be a bit overwhelming, but just stick with the omelet side—especially the Maserati omelet with meat sauce and parmesan cheese that’s exactly as good as it sounds.

You stumble out of the insanity of Fremont Street’s bars and street performers and realize that the sun is rising. It’s 7am and you can’t be held responsible for your actions if you don’t put some coffee into your body soon. You can find an excellent cup and some great breakfast options at PublicUs. The chimichurri steak and eggs are great, but our favorite dish is the Mahalo Bento, which has eggs, spam, sausage, rice, kimchi, and mac salad. Once you’re done, you’ll forget that you came here for just a cup of coffee.

If one of your friends insists on driving out to the Hoover Dam because they did a school project on it when they were 14, use the trip as an opportunity to visit Weiss Deli. It’s located in the Green Valley Plaza, right on the way to the large collection of water you’re about to go stare at. This Jewish deli is almost always full, but after the usual wait time of 10-15 minutes, you’ll be able to get your hands on one of their excellent breakfast sandwiches. Having to endure listening to your friends as they see who can make the most “dam” puns will be a little easier with some food in you.

Sometimes, breakfast is an afterthought, but thankfully, that’s not the case at Makers and Finders, a coffee shop in the Arts District. Their excellent coffee is good enough that they could get away serving that alone, but their South and Central American breakfast dishes deserve just as much attention. From a churro waffle to a breakfast empanada skillet, their morning menu is one of the most creative in Vegas.

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